Fashion Magazines vs Blogs
Undoubtedly bloggers are the new prominent members of the fashion world. Now we pause for a minute and ask ourselves: Have bloggers become more influential than fashion magazine editors?
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MONTREAL, CanadaBloggers have become prominent members of the fashion world. They are constantly featured in street style blogs during fashion weeks, collaborate with brand names on clothing lines, and have millions of loyal followers on their personal blogs. As a traditional magazine reader, I have to wonder if it is possible that bloggers have become more influential than fashion magazine editors. After all, fashion bloggers are easily accessible and their content is free to those with internet access.

Fashion Bloggers vs Magazines
Kendall Sanchez – Fashion Blogger

While fashion bloggers are known for their personal styles, they are also known for their personalities. Of course, many read fashion blogs to get styling tips. However, styling tips can be obtained almost anywhere. It seems that readers mainly look to these fashion bloggers because they manage to relate their personal experiences to their style. In fact, many of them discuss a particular event they have chosen a specific outfit for or how they have chosen it based on a mood. Fashion bloggers create a story for the clothes they wear allowing readers to forge a personal connection to their style and life. Emily Schuman of Cupcake and Cashmeres, constantly shares photos of her personal style, while reflecting on her day’s events including her meals.

Fashion Magazines vs Blogs
Scott and Emily Schuman

Magazine editors seem a bit more reserved in that regard. It is true that there are incredibly influential and famous magazine editors such as American Vogue‘s Anna Wintour or Alexandra White, the fashion director at W magazine. Many fashion fanatics have followed their careers closely and know a lot about their personal life. Yet, there is still a gap between readers and fashion editors because of their elite status. It is valid that when fashion editors write an article or even their monthly editorial letter, they do discuss some of their personal experiences. However, many of their experiences are based on events that the average person has no access to. When people read Anna Wintour’s editor’s letter on The Met Gala, one can only imagine what it is like.

Fashion Magazines vs Blogs - Glenda Bailey
Glenda Bailey-Editor-in-Chief of American Harper’s Bazaar

On the other hand, fashion bloggers do not always have the objectivity that magazine editors have. Most people read fashion blogs because they feel that they can trust their reviews on certain brands and clothing. In many incidents, fashion bloggers seem more trustworthy. Niki Blasina of A Haute Mess refuses to receive endorsements for reviewing a product. Yet, some need to remember that there are fashion bloggers who are sponsored by certain brands and endorse those products for that particular reason. In these cases, these bloggers care more about their fame than the clothes. Magazine editors generally have a greater freedom with promoting trends, designers or brands because they are the ones who publicise them. While there is a bias in everything, a fashion editors’ livelihood is not based on approvals from designers or brands like sponsored bloggers are.

Fashion bloggers offer inspiration to the general public by showing them how certain things can be worn. However, this can hinder personal creativity because people tend to copy the way things are worn by their favourite fashion bloggers instead of deciding what they want to wear for themselves. Fashion magazine editors are very selective when it comes to featuring clothing and trends in their publication and often do not tell readers how they should be worn, they state the trends and let readers decide how they want to style it.

Fashion bloggers offer a personal perspective and accessibility that fashion editors do not achieve. Therefore, while fashion bloggers influence the way that people dress, fashion editors are the ones who dictate the seasons’ trends through their position. Since they are paid to do this job, one can trust that they have an objectivity that a fashion blogger does not have.