Rodrigo Aliaga

About the author

Rodrigo is a Bolivian professional photographer particularly interested in capturing unique moments of peoples' daily lives, spontaneous moments, peoples' customs, culture and clothing, thus capturing life as it happens. Rodrigo, who currently resides in La Paz, studied Social Communication at the Universidad Mayor de San Adres (UMSA) in La Paz and specialized in video and image in Pisa, Italy. For many years he worked as DoP (director of photography) in documentaries, audiovisual and TV commercials. Rodrigo is an avid blogger ( where he expresses his various interests and discuss cultural as well as social aspects of Latin America through photography.

Urban Balcony Rocks

There are many extreme sports, but nothing will challenging you more than Rock Climbing, a sport for those who have the guts to overcome the force of gravity and challenge the high degree of risk involved.