Madeleine Resener

Madeleine Resener About the author

A Californian turned Parisian with a background in financial journalism and PR, she is captivated by beauty and luxury, from vintage perfumes and costume jewellery to Paris’s 19th century architecture. She owns too many cashmere sweaters for her small Parisian flat.

Fashion Flower Power in a Parisian Atelier

We recently met Bruno Légeron, France’s last remaining independent artificial flower maker who continues to turn out delicate silk flower creations for couture houses and the Paris Opéra. A story of heritage and craftsmanship.

The Green Factory: horticulture without the hassle

If your Philodendron is looking forlorn, your English Ivy faint or your Peace Lily is about to give up the ghost, don’t despair as The Green Factory has the perfect solution for city dwellers like you!

Andrée Sorant: a new twist on a classic accessory

In search of a col Claudine popular in the 50’s? Louise Motte’s col Claude collection is a new reinterpretation of collar accessories to free yourself from conventional bow ties and ties. A new oldie?

Garden Colour: It’s more than just Flowers

Dreaming of year-round colour in your garden? Roses bloom only in summer and violets in spring but don’t worry we have a solution for every season, from the first design to successive replanting!