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Internationally awarded performer and public personality. Her ability to move any type of audience, her artistry and stunning acrobatics, makes her today, one of the most revered artists around the world. Visit Erika Lemay FG Special Guest Profile »

Erika Lemay: Starting At The End

Erika Lemay walks you through her forty-eight-hour race against time before the Physical Poetry gala show! This high emotion moment took two days to stage, surrounded by a team of professionals working around the clock for a stunning performance.

Meditation: Happier, Wiser, Younger and Thinner?

Happier, Wiser, Younger And Thinner? If you thought meditation was purely for monks, think again as its benefits are captivating the minds and time of the business folks out there. Let’s meditate…

A day with Cirque du Soleil Moon Goddess

Have you heard of Moon Goddess? Nope, it’s not a book or a fairy-tale, but an aerial acrobat, singer, mother and business woman. Wonder Woman? Maybe, but overall a great talent!

The pain-free life guide

Are you aching? Check out our pain-free golden rules useful for amateurs, sport adepts, elite athletes or anyone challenged with an inflammatory disorder.

Turning Tips into Habits

Erika Lemay opens her secret bible to help you become a better version of yourself, going beyond the usual New Year’s detox and perhaps even getting this jaw dropping lean body we all dream of.