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Donkey’s Milk Cosmetics from Italy


Alessandra Frega

The best way to help yourself get a healthier lifestyle is to pamper yourself. This month, we would like to focus your attention on Terre Dei Papi, a rare line based on the extraordinary power of 100% Italian organic Donkey Milk, one of the most exclusive of natural milks, introducing you to authentic, luxurious beauty treatments for the care of your face and body.

Their Story

Inspired by the wonderful Italian land’s beauty and guided by its historical traditions and sources, Terre Dei Papi Line’s story begins in the enchanting backdrop of Castel Gandolfo, the place chosen by the Pontifices as their summer residence.

As Alfredo and Freddie – co-founders of this exclusive cosmetic line – explain: “Terre Dei Papi is a rare fusion of tradition and innovation, nature and science, past and present. This line offers a truly noble experience and is characterised by exclusively natural active ingredients, par excellence. The line includes unique treatments that promise miracles, if applied regularly.”

Terre Dei Papi Line is based on 100% purely Italian Donkey’s Milk; the milk’s virtues are found in its more than precious and natural 55 active ingredients, that once absorbed into the skin, delivers the best results.

Terre Dei Papi
Fluo Hydrating Regeneration Spray, Terre Dei Papi Line

Their Precious Ingredient: Donkey Milk

Donkey’s milk has always been recognised by the scientific community as an excellent elixir, nutritionally and cosmetically used both for delicate skin problems’ and anti-free radicals treatments.

Donkey milk has been used for centuries to prepare advanced skin care treatments, stopping the first signs of aging. Donkey’s milk has also many highly nutritional properties compared to the other mother’s milk, containing a high quantity of lysozymes, an excellent natural antibiotic that protects the skin as well as supporting its elastic fibres. Moreover, it is particularly rich in vitamins, minerals and oleo-elements, preventing the aging process and, thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, creating a natural and effective barrier against external free-radicals. Rich in fatty-acids such as Omega 3 and 6, Donkey milk also supports the repair of damaged cell membranes.

Donkey milk is a natural moisturiser, which prevents dermal irritation and aids in skin regeneration; in virtue of its decongestive and regenerative properties, it is ideal for all skin types of all ages, even the most sensitive ones, protecting skin from degeneration in a natural way. Furthermore, probiotics, present in it, preserve the hydro-lymphatic film of the skin, restoring it.

As Alfredo and Freddie comment, “All our products contain only Donkey milk collected respecting the female donkey’s natural milking cycle, supplied to us by The Italian Milk Co-op Association and certified by the European Union.”

Their Ethics

Terre dei Papi is an environmentally responsible company. Their products are hypoallergenic and Parabens, Nickel, Sles (sodium lauryl ether sulfate), mineral oil and colorant free. Alfredo and Freddie add:

We never test our products on animals; our products do not contain any genetically modified elements. We also want to be consistent in our environmental sustainability by using reusable and recyclable materials: our packaging is exclusively handmade with recycled paper from sustainable forests.

Terre dei Papi has been educating people on the precious properties of Donkey Milk for the past decade and, most importantly, how it is the best alternative to Mother’s Milk: “We are also responsible for the creation and maintenance of a programme that saves the various species of Donkeys throughout Italy, educating local towns and or businesses in ways to reintegrate the donkey in daily activities such as use in milking but also in local transportation and even ‘Onoterapia’ Donkey therapy, a wonderful process that employs the docile sweet Donkey in fun exercises that heal a potential patient.”

Terre Dei Papi
Velum Maschera Viso, Terre Dei Papi Line

“We all should care about the environment. We inherit the world from our fathers and borrow it from our children and here at Terre dei Papi we could not agree more with this thought! We take great pride in knowing that our work not only respects, but also helps the environment,” Alfredo and Freddie conclude.

In the near future, Terre Dei Papi will continue to research the wondrous and infinitive properties of Donkey Milk, not only for their cosmetic treatments, but also for its uses in pediatric care and as an immunity booster: “We will be moving into our new location in Siena’s Tuscan countryside in order to work closely with the Tuscan Amiatina Donkey breed. At this new location we will offer an array of products and services, including the possibility to purchase fresh donkey milk, immunity-booster products and cosmetics, as well as give consumers the possibility to spend a day with our donkeys and try out some Donkey therapy.”

Well, there are many great reasons to prefer Terre Dei Papi… it is a great line, with an array of different treatments to meet all of your beauty needs presented in beautiful handmade packaging, a unique and powerfully effective active ingredient, environmentally friendly and once you have used it, you can proudly say that you and Cleopatra followed the same beauty rituals!

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