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OAS1S: The Number One Green Architecture


Alessandra Frega

Is the future of city living to be blended into the forest? Shall we soon be able to live in a Treehouse Community?

The OAS1S Foundation is the number one green architecture concept, planned to create New Ultra-Green (100% Eco) cities through the design of modern tree houses imagining sustainable treescraper communities for the future.

We have had the pleasure to meet and talk with OAS1S founder, Raimond de Hullu, an experienced Dutch designer and manager in architecture whose mission is to make houses that look like forests where humans finally become one with nature.

Since the launch of the OAS1S website during the summer of 2015, it has received positive online media coverage and project proposals from many different countries all around the world.

OAS1S designers are now working on their first revolutionary projects that will start very soon. “There are OAS1S projects being prepared in the Netherlands and in other countries as well,” explains Raimond. “This year people will see the first realisation of OAS1S and people will be able to book a stay in this resort residence within the forest,” adds Raimond.

Raimond also mentions that a lot of individuals would like to build an OAS1S home and they also will be able to experience this next step in housing. As he highlights: “There are many exciting leads and this is just the start, so yes a lot of people will soon live in architecture that completely integrates with nature.”

OAS1S: Alternative Urban Architecture Concept

How do you specifically respond to an alternative urban architecture?

Raimond highlights how OAS1S is an alternative urban architecture concept that aims to improve the global urban environment: “OAS1S reshuffles existing design dogmas because with a little different organisation, you can create much better urban communities. You can combine high-density housing with a park area, an energy and recycling plant, plus an urban farming site and a resort, OAS1S is all-in-one.”

We can easily create much better cities! For example, why should we always want to park in front of our house? When we can create a park here instead, where you walk very nicely towards parking close-by.

The inevitable question arises: What are the advantages of living in a 100% eco-friendly city? Raimond suggests that the benefits go beyond having no energy bills. For example, “You will a have car-free and completely green living environment. You will walk through parks instead of streets, where you hear birds and pick fruits, enjoy fresh air and live in tree-like homes in between trees,” Raimond tells us.

You will feel in every way that you live in balance with nature, which is a deep human need we all have.

OAS1S Architecture Plans 100% Eco City

OAS1S: Urban Green Architecture for the Future

Concretely, how does OAS1S want to become the world’s best in green architecture? Raimond promptly answers: “Green building certifications as LEED do not lead to the best green architecture, for this should not be a strange game of points. Plus green architecture should not only be a technical issue, but should be green visually and should inspire the human soul. That is what OAS1S is doing, and that is what a lot of people want.”

When it comes to the future of green architecture, Raimond believes that the prospect of futuristic cities is not enough, that more down to earth plans, in terms of feasibility and experience will be required. Raimond believes that architecture should not only be more sustainable, but also should be more appealing to the public. “People do not like the modernist cities and buildings we have had since World War II, people have always lived very differently throughout history. In the future, architecture will connect nature with people, back to nature in a more modern way. Such a future is very near with OAS1S!” concludes this talented Dutch designer and visionary.

OAS1S Urban Forest Neighborhoods
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