Sandra Weil Couture

Sandra Weil Couture

We all know it’s irresistible to run your fingers through a clothes rack as you browse your favourite store. Sandra Weil tells us about her use of texture combined with colour and print to capture your imagination.


Descience — De-Vote!

In the past five months we have discovered a whole new world of science and fashion through our series of Descience articles. Now we can all get the chance to be involved directly and vote for our favourite team. What are you waiting for?

Art Of Textile Design

The World of Textile Design: Alessandro Pierattini

Textile design is the art of science with endless magic. We explore the mysteries and the know-how of the textile industry, its relationship with fashion and the secrets of textile design with textile expert, Alessandro Pierattini.

Technology Help Fashion

Can Technology Help Fashion Clean Up Its Act?

Fast fashion is the second most wasteful industry in the world, behind the oil industry. Fashion designers are starting to utilise technology to create new, environmentally conscious clothing. Are we on the verge of a green fashion revolution?

Thong Panties

How to Wear Thong Panties the Right Way

Underwear can be a pretty polarizing subject to many, especially when it involves thongs. It practically divides women—with one half proudly proclaiming their love for it to the other half that simply thinks of it as a wedgie.

The Inspiring Life of Coco Chanel

Test your knowledge! How much do you really know about the life of one of the most iconic figures and designers from the 20th century? Check out this infographic which walks you through Coco Chanel’s most remarkable achievements.