Sari Dress

The Timeless Appeal of the Classic Indian Sari

How much do you really know about the timeless appeal of the classic Indian Sari? We bring a comprehensive piece that looks retrospectively at the evolution of this garment, its tradition, its designs and its domination in the fashion scene!

The Excellence of Asian Craftsmanship

How do our culture and tradition influence the way we dress? This time around, the inspiration comes from the East, particularly from China and Japan. The excellence of Asian craftsmanship!

Fashion Technology to Purify the Air

Recent discoveries in nanotechnology have been applied to textiles to purify the air, giving birth to the catalytic clothing project, the world’s first purifying jeans and even air purifiers’ couture dresses.

five types of-timeless jewelry

Five Types Of Timeless Jewelry Every Woman Should Own

The jewelry arsenal of a woman can sometimes be filled to the brim but without anything substantial to be found in the whole pile. That is where timeless jewelry saves the day. When it comes to it, the statement “less is more” applies the most.


Descience – Think Outside The Box

Closely following the milestones of one of the most promising projects and runaway events in the Boston area, Descience continues to enlighten us on its efforts to bridge the gap between science and fashion sparking the attention of future scientist in the talented ‘Generation Z’.

Mode Marteau: Success Story of a Vintage Reseller

We talk to Ariana Boussard-Reifel, an expert at spotting well-made clothing driven by her hobby of thrifting and flipping who built a proper business reselling clothing, the unique style website: Mode Marteau.