Andrea Stajan Ferkul Fashion and Art Collusion

Andrea Stajan-Ferkul: Fashion and Art Collusion

Can Art turn into Beauty and Beauty into Art? As Andrea Stajan Ferkul states: “Exploring the essential beauty of women is not to focus solely on the aesthetic. Beauty is a reflection of one’s inner self – it’s not seen but radiated from within.”

Valentino the Maestro and the Myth-maker

Have a glimpse of Valentino’s world through unseen personal pictures and exclusive videos, feeling the thrill of walking the catwalk while the “audience” is dressed in Haute Couture.

Lia Larrea

Pull off an Edgy Look at the Office

The edgy-office look is having a major fashion moment and we are delighted to help you find the right designs to confidently pull off that trend by introducing you to San Francisco-based designer Lia Larrea. Let’s get started!

The Responsible Fashion Company

The Responsible Fashion Company

In the phase of a growing critical and participatory consumption characterised by a strong new opposition between ‘to be’ and ‘to use’, we embark on a journey between fashion and corporate responsibility in the global fashion industry.


Wearso’s Organic World

We talk to Ola Was, designer of Wearso Organic, a collection made of environmentally friendly fabrics embracing the Japanese approach of old methods of production and multi-functionality. A must see collection!

gender neutral fashion

Gender Neutral Fashion: Sci-Fi Or Reality?

The concepts of masculinity and femininity no longer define the clothing that people wear. Both men and women are choosing to define themselves on their own terms rather than bound to a specific idea, culture or class. So, let’s take a closer look to a generation that is redefining itself. Will the future be extreme?