fashion as social energy

Using the Power of Fashion as Social Energy

Thinking of fashion as a driver of our relations? We walk you on an intimate journey through values beyond apparel and ornament, desire and social distinction. Fashion as Social Energy!

Stella McCartney: Fashion And Sustainability

One of the first big designers in the fashion business to start having a sustainable attitude, Stella McCartney introduces us to her ‘green world’ from the production to the collections – a constant effort to improve!

Peruvian Fashion - LIF Week Spring-Summer 2013-2014 - Claudia Jimenez

The Booming Peruvian Fashion Industry

The fashion industry continues to expand in Lima with successful Peruvian designers who recently presented at the LIF Week SS 13/14 their latest and most precious collections. A Peruvian fashion scene!


Descience — De-Vote!

In the past five months we have discovered a whole new world of science and fashion through our series of Descience articles. Now we can all get the chance to be involved directly and vote for our favourite team. What are you waiting for?

Evolution of Fashion Journalism

The Evolution of Fashion Journalism from Print to Digital

People have been wearing clothes for centuries, but when did the idea of fashion begin? More importantly, how did fashion writing start? We walk you through the creation of fashion plates and fashion periodicals from the early 1800s to glossy fashion magazines, blogs and vlogs. A must-read for fashion journalists!

Art Of Textile Design

The World of Textile Design: Alessandro Pierattini

Textile design is the art of science with endless magic. We explore the mysteries and the know-how of the textile industry, its relationship with fashion and the secrets of textile design with textile expert, Alessandro Pierattini.