Ever Heard Of Wine Ice Cream?

Mercers Dairy

Port wine gives this ice cream a distinctive, heavy-bodied taste. – Courtesy of Mercer’s Dairy.

NEW HAVEN, United States — Looking for tasty ice cream with a twist? Mercer’s Dairy is sure to please with their wine ice cream.

This wine ice cream was not always on the menu at the dairy; originally when the dairy opened approximately 80 years ago they provided Oneida County, New York with unpasteurised milk in glass bottles. Over time this changed to pasteurised milk and in 1952 expanded to include ice cream as well.

The changes for this local name began in 2006 when they began making wine ice cream after a NY Pride event. Later, in 2013, the dairy was purchased by Ruth Mignerey and Roxaina Hurlburt to make the move towards their vision of building Mercer’s Wine Ice Cream into a global brand. These ladies were two of the original owners of Quality Dairy Farms, Inc. who bought the dairy in 2002. Mignerey has a background in institutional sales of financial instruments and services and Hurlburt is a retired dairy farmer.

This aunt and niece duo has brought this regionally known brand to new heights, first nationally and then globally. Mercer’s has been featured on PBS New York Wine & Table and Mohawk Valley Living as well as in the book, Small Brand America. The uniqueness does not just end at the wine either. Mercer’s Dairy is also a 100% female and family owned company.

I recently had the chance to interview Roxaina Hurlburt, Marketing and Spokeswoman for Mercer’s Dairy. Here is what she had to say.

Mercers Dairy

Riesling ice cream, fruity and effervescent white grapes flavor this dessert. Courtesy of Mercer’s Dairy.

Is it hard to be a 100% female owned company?

It is challenging to own a company in general; however, we feel that being female-owned gives us an edge in the way we run our business, deal with challenges and it empowers us.

How did you come up with the idea of wine ice cream?

It began by exhibiting at Pride of NY events showcasing Made in NY products. Featuring our traditional ice creams alongside other NY products including members of the NY Wine & Grape Foundation. The bonds fostered at these events led to serendipitous collaborations such as ours in working with the NY Wine & Grape Foundation to unite 2 leading industries in NY, dairy and wine. Hence our tag line, ‘the ultimate pairing.’

Do you sell more traditional ice cream or wine ice cream?

Mercer’s fans having been enjoying our traditional ice cream for over 60 years, so we certainly have established a client base; however, due to the uniqueness of Mercer’s Wine Ice Cream it is certainly taking the lead. Our presence locally and nationally has continued to grow by leaps & bounds. Our international distribution is methodical and steady. We believe, international growth needs to develop in this fashion due to the ever evolving changes in regulations.

What is Mercer’s on the MOOve?

Mercer’s on the MOOve is a mobile kiosk that can be reserved for events.

Where do you see yourself going in the future?

We have said since day one we want to be the Haagen Daz of Wine Ice Cream. When you hear the words, ‘wine ice cream’ you immediately say ‘Mercer’s’. Bottom line, we will be an international brand.

So if all of this has piqued your interest, Mercer’s will ship their ice cream across the United States. Wine ice cream comes in cherry Merlot, chocolate Cabernet, Peach White Zinfandel, Port, Red Raspberry Chardonnay, Spice, Strawberry Sparkling and Riesling. If wine ice cream is not for you, traditional ice cream is available in two types, soft and hard. Soft ice cream flavours are vanilla, chocolate and twist while hard ice cream offerings include specialty flavours of Moo Trail and Adirondack Brownie as well as traditional flavours like vanilla. If you visit the dairy in person, you can experience local products, such as various cheeses, Amish butter, beef jerky, maple syrup and more plus milk shakes, sundaes and floats.

Want to try Mercer’s ice cream? Enter the promo code FG Magazine and you will get the sixth pint free when you buy five pints of ice cream. Please note there is an additional charge for shipping.

Courtesy of: Ruth Mignerey and Roxaina Hurlbur, Mercer’s Dairy | Website: www.mercersdairy.com
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