Wax On, Wax Off!

wax in the city

Waxperts at Wax in the City, London.

LONDON, United Kingdom — I’m waiting for the call in a super funky, bright, pristine and colourful luxury waxing studio in the heart of Chelsea. I’ve been told that I will be able to try an exclusively developed ‘no strip’ warm wax and already my curiosity starts to build, how can waxing work without strips? Wax in the City is a walk-in salon perfect for busy souls who live life by the second in search of quick and efficient luxury services, offering long opening hours perfect for post-work professionals in all its 24 luxury waxing studios across Europe.

While browsing through all the waxing options customers can choose from, it is striking to see the sheer number of options on the ‘wax for him’ list: abdomen, Brazilian man, Brazilian Hollywood man, back, buttocks and even toes; name a body-part and you can wax it! “Hairlessness among men is surging in popularity for all types of males from liberal to ultra conservative,” says Marjorie Cusack, the entrepreneur who upon a meeting with Christine Margreiter and Sibylle Stolberg, the Founders of Wax In The City in Berlin, decided to open her first Wax in the City studio in Dublin, in April 2012, followed by the London studio in October 2013.

So the obvious question arises: Why is there a surge in male waxing? “The reasoning behind it, is due to the fact that it is neater, more hygienic and on trend, especially during the summer months when men tend to bare more,” assures Marjorie. Apparently, the most popular waxing treatment for men is the back wax … oouch … but better than the werewolf look! The salon’s resident “waxperts” recommend a shoulder wax for a first appointment if they are apprehensive as the area is not too large and the skin not too sensitive.

I’m now sitting in a dedicated room where my “Depiladora” walks me through the process and explains the technique of the ‘no strip’ warm wax based on a formula that was specially developed for them catering to even the most sensitive skin. The wax is then applied gently to my arm, and the therapist, like an artist in full command of every brushstroke, leaves a flap of wax on one end so it can be easily peeled off after just a few seconds.

My girlfriends frequently remind me how lucky I am to have relatively little hair on my arms and legs. I hear them! The thought of waxing makes me cringe in anticipation of the pain, but as the wax is removed I’ve got to say that this is a great technique, really quick and actually quite comfortable. My skin is left feeling smooth, hairless and it doesn’t hurt at all. My experienced Depiladora tells me that each employee of the team receives comprehensive training at their HQ in Germany before they can start working at Wax in the City. “The first waxing appointment may render some initial redness but this will go down quickly and should not provide discomfort for the client,” adds Marjorie.

While for women waxing is part of a routine, it’s certainly not for many men, but the benefits of waxing vs shaving are endless: “Shaving does not remove the roots of the hairs and therefore you’ll have to shave incredibly regularly to keep yourself fuzz free,” explains Marjorie. “Shaving regrowth happens quickly, and since hair is cut off at the surface, re-growing hair is blunt, not tapered, so it can appear thicker. Razor burn, nicks and cuts can also be an eye-watering thought for those more intimate and sensitive areas. Regular shavers can also be prone to ingrown hairs.” So, if you are thinking of enjoying at least three weeks of smooth skin, then waxing is a much better solution “as the root is destroyed meaning your skin stays hairless for longer,” Marjorie concludes.

There you go, wax on, wax off and the magic is done!

Courtesy of: Marjorie Cusack, Wax in the City | Felicity Colette, M+M Management | Website: www.wax-in-the-city.com/en/ | Studio in London: www.wax-in-the-city.com/en/waxing-studio-in-london-en/
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