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Raquel Davidowicz, UMA

UMA, Inverno A/W16 collection at Sao Paulo Fashion Week

SAO PAULO, Brazil — Over the last 2 months, I have had the pleasure of living in Sao Paulo, Brazil. I only enjoyed a short stint, however Brazil is a place that is thoroughly engaging. In this short span of time, I have been educated on the current economy instability, the wealth, the exuberance and the beauty of the Brazilian culture and most importantly, the Brazilian fashion.

It is no secret that Brazil’s economic growth is slowing at a tremendous rate, when, in perfect timing, UMA® Raquel Davidowicz reaches a point of maturation in the Brazilian retail market. On 10th October 2015, UMA® Raquel Davidowicz celebrated its opening in New York, US thereby, enabling the brand to benefit from both markets. Furthermore, with 20 catwalks under its belt, on 19th October, UMA showcased its Inverno A/W16 collection at Sao Paulo Fashion Week (SPFW).

The collection embodied simplistic forms, organic shapes and raw edges utilised in the most beautiful ways. The colour palette was very natural, encompassing metallic copper, stone, black and silvers. Every look oozed comfort and chic minimalism for the contemporary woman. After the fashion show, I had the opportunity to chat with Raquel Davidowicz to find out more about UMA at SPFW and the future aspirations for the brand worldwide.

Where does the name UMA come from?

UMA in Brazilian Portuguese means ONE, unique. That was the idea, a Brazilian easy word that represents something that gives personality.

What is the concept behind the UMA Inverno 2016 collection?

The dynamic behaviour from the streets has a major cultural effect. It inspires conventional or extreme attitudes that increasingly influence the way people dress. Versatility works as a method of communication, which renovates and connects with people. Freedom is the main purpose of this mobile society. We chose garments that express this necessity, which was translated into comfort, practicality, quality and protection.

My creations are inspired by people, art, places and contemporary objects.

Who is your ideal customer?

People that like design with practicality. Women that work a lot, with or without children, that like design and arts in general, consume fashion and are well informed, cultivating intellectual interests, connected to music and sports.

This consumer likes to be unique, but at the same time, live inside a group with the same characteristics and interests. A strong personality that loves everything related to a contemporary life style.

Is it a goal for UMA to be known worldwide? And if so what do you want to be known for?

Yes, I think we live in a unique world, where people are getting closer, and our style easily fits people from cities surrounded by culture. UMA would like to be known for sophistication and laid back minimalism, very contemporary, with ageless and timeless clothes.

UMA has recently opened a store in New York, How do you feel the American market is accepting UMA? And what other endeavours will UMA be making in the future?

We believe that UMA has reached its maturity. After 18 years working in the Brazilian market, new necessities appear, and there is a time when we need to expand our business. UMA is known for its sophistication and laid-back minimalism, so we will work harder to ensure the success of our brand. The New York market is accepting UMA very well; the clothes are urban contemporary and everything to do with New Yorkers.

The main purpose of SPFW is to mobilise and organise Brazil fashion businesses. As Brazil and New York embrace Raquel’s style, I have no doubt UMA® will be an international success and provide the Brazilian fashion industry with the confidence and reassurance they need to battle the current economic crisis.

Raquel Davidowicz, UMA

Raquel Davidowicz, UMA®

Courtesy of: Raquel Davidowicz, UMA® | Website: loja.uma.com.br
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