Turning Tips into Habits

Erika Lemay

Erika Lemay

BANGKOK, Thailand — January is the time of the year when we make vows to improve our health and beauty routines. We read anything out there to increase our knowledge such as the new “3 minutes daily workout that will change your body forever” while every magazine cover features the latest miracle diet.
Feeling like kings and queens of the world, we tend to forget how we duped ourselves last year and the year before. The real secret to feeling great, looking amazing and being healthy is that there is no secret. Healthy life — habits and consistency are the keys.

Health is not a destination, it is a never-ending journey.

The Basics

My secret? Treating my body and health as my temple; I do not drink alcohol, juices or sodas, I do not eat refined foods or anything that exists only thanks to the machines in a factory and I train every single day because I want to, not because I have to.
I do not believe in cheat days, why would I need to cheat on what makes me feel amazing and fulfilled? Having a healthy lifestyle is not about sacrifices, it is a gift.
I was once a sugar addict and also relied on caffeine to help me through my day. I slowly built and trained myself to the lifestyle I wanted and needed to achieve greatness.

Where To Start

First, establish a plan and stick to it. The goal is to make it as easy as possible until you do not have to think about which healthy choices to make and just enjoy the way you eat, live, feel and yes; the way you look. What are complicated choices today will become habits tomorrow.
Consider your health as a company, you need a strong business plan. Where do you want to be in 2 months or 1 year in term of results? Which actions do you have to make on a daily basis to get there and stay there? Follow the plan, progressively integrate each step into your daily routine and make them automatic.
Each health change will eventually become part of your life-hygiene. Eating healthy and exercising should be like brushing your teeth and taking a shower, you do not find reasons to skip a day or two. After you establish where you want to be and have a clear list of priorities to undertake then, each week, add one action into your daily schedule and make sure to stick to it consistently until it is integrated, then you can move to the second step. This is a process, so allow yourself to go through the steps needed in order to reach success.

Do Not Rely On Your Willpower

The difference between success and failure is not your willpower but your preparation. Do not give yourself the choice between a chocolate cake and a healthy meal, between waking up and have a walk or snooze in bed. There will be days where triggers are high and you will be tired and susceptible to make the wrong choices. Anticipate these weaker moments and do not allow doubt to come into your new space.
Exercise first thing in the morning and have whatever you need ready to get going the night before in order to help you make it automatic, you should not have to think, you should just do it. What if every morning you had to go out and pick a toothbrush at the store, is there a chance you would postpone the teeth brushing for a few hours or even skip it sometimes?

My Personal Everyday To-Do List

  • Upon waking up, grind some fresh ginger and boil it in water for the perfect anti-inflammatory energising beverage. For an extra immune and weight loss boost, add cayenne pepper.
  • Write precisely your health goals for the day and for the week, everyday, forever!
  • Have a healthy breakfast with proteins and healthy fats. I highly suggest skipping the starches.
  • Keep a huge bottle of water with you throughout the day, if you need an extra incentive to drink more, you can throw some fresh mint herbs or fruits pieces into it.
  • Plan your meals and the time you will eat in advance.
  • Find an activity you like; walking your dog, boxing, rock climbing, social dancing, ping pong, yoga and if you feel you are too tired, remember: movement creates energy!

My Top 5 Tips

  1. Prioritise your sleep
  2. Give up drinking alcohol
  3. Incorporate healthy fats in your diet
  4. Hydrate
  5. Plan

Now it is time to make the choice of your life and use your inner strength to your own advantage. Health is the base of everything, should it not come first on our priority list? Design the right life habits and become an upgraded version of your own-self.

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  1. thank you for sharing this 🙂
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  2. Grazie Erika, consigli preziosi da un’artista stupenda. cercherò di farli miei.