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Vazquez Sounds

Vazquez Sounds

LONDON, United Kingdom  — With more than 1.2 million views on their latest video “Time After Time”, a beautiful interpretation of the original song from Cindy Lauper, the Vazquez Sounds, composed by Ángela, Gustavo and Abelardo Vázquez consolidates their near-overnight success and places them as one of the most talented emerging voices in Mexico and the world.

These three talented siblings found fame with the release of their interpretation of the song “Rolling in the deep” from Adele in November 2011 followed by “All I Want For Christmas Is You”, “Forget You”, “The Show”, “I Want You Back”, “Let It Be” and “Skyscraper” with their YouTube channel going viral with almost 200 million views!

Vazquez Sounds

Vazquez Sounds

“We have conducted twelve concerts including exclusive participations in international festivals such as the YouFest in Madrid and other festivals in Miami and shared the stage with important singers such as Camila in a concert at the Foro Sol in front of an audience of 48,000. Our biggest audience has been 90,000 spectators!”, explains the trio.

Looking a bit closer at how Ángela (12), Gustavo (14) and Abelardo (17) started in the music industry, we discover that they have developed their passion and talent between musical instruments and recording studies under the guidance of their father, Abelardo Vázquez, a renowned Mexican producer. However, they learned to play and sing naturally – a self-taught group that found the right balance between music and fame while keeping their personal lives unchanged.

We go to school like every other kid and after the homework is done, we practice as a group putting more emphasis on rehearsals before a show is approaching. We are currently taking music lessons and professional singing lessons and we are working on a new album with new songs that will be released this summer, says Ángela.

Recent projects include the soundtrack “Thanks to You” for the Teletón 2012 which was their very first song interpreted in Spanish together a choir of children for raising funds for rehabilitation centres around Mexico. Additionally, Ángela was invited by Disney to record in Los Angeles the single “La Separación”, a song featured on the Spanish version of the Disney animated fairy film “Secret of the Wings”. “This was such an awesome experience, I really learnt a lot and enjoyed it”, she says.

These siblings, whose biggest motivation is simply knowing how lucky they are to be doing what we are doing while having fun, have been awarded the prize of the “Best Artist Revelation of the North” (in Mexico), the first of many more to come. “The next prize will be the Grammies! That is what we are aiming for”, say the group with a smile.

While they love to play football, ride bicycles and skate, they also find the time to fulfil important roles. They are Ambassadors for Peace for the Non-Violence Foundation, where they were invited by Yoko Ono who believes their performances can foster peace and unity. To enhance this collaboration the Vazquez Sounds have reinterpreted the song ‘Let it Be’ from The Beatles in a video in which Yoko Ono send a message of peace. They also made a sculpture which was included in the Non-Violence Foundation’s exhibition that arrived to London at the same time as the Olympics in 2012.

Vazquez Sounds is the new revelation that promises to succeed on the international stage featuring a unique talent that is being nurtured to achieve excellence. Abelardo comments he would like to be a producer, “I have started writing my own songs already. My tastes are really varied so I guess my style will be too, I like rap, hip hop and pop. I also like John Meyer and Justin Beiber”. The three of them echo, “Yeah we are all Beliebers”. Meanwhile Gustavo, tell us about his interests: “I am really focussed on business, it is something that I really like and I think it could be part of a parallel career in the future”.

The finishing touch of every band are the looks and the Vazquez Sounds understand this very well, “I like the vintage look but with a modern twist, I always choose my own outfits, I love fashion!” says Ángela while Alberto echos,“I also choose my own outfits, even for the videos, I love the black leather jacket”. And Gustavo? “I don’t have a specific style, I just buy what I think suits me, fits me and is comfortable”.

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