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Tania DeSa

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TORONTO, Canada — The modern day executive has a host of responsibilities: leading people, managing people, setting strategic goals, monitoring progress towards these goals and putting out a host of fires. None of these tasks are ever easy, straightforward or quick. With such a strain from the dynamic pressures of work and the increasing focus on finding ways to create a work-life balance, how do the modern-day executive women cope?

That is where firms such as Tania DeSa International, a global training and coaching firm, whose mission is “to inspire professionals to own their awesomeness to be seen and heard in any community”, make an impact. We catch up with Tania DeSa, President of Tania DeSa International, to talk about management, fashion and the modern-day executive woman.

Tania DeSa

Tania DeSa – Tania DeSa, Leadership Coach, has her 8+ years of global corporate experience empowering professionals.

What makes a good CEO?

A good CEO is someone who can articulate the vision of their organisation and inspire others to action. This person has a crystal clear understanding of the big picture (the organisation’s WHY), is able to ensure the organisation is always striving towards results that are aligned with its purpose and creates a work environment where people can be their best and feel proud of their contributions.

What does it mean to be an executive manager and manage people?

There are three keys to being a powerful executive manager.

  • Owning your awesomeness: To be an effective manager you need to have a strong leadership presence, know your unique value proposition and leverage your strengths to make a positive impact on those around you. When you do, you give permission for others to do the same and leading by example is a powerful way to motivate others.
  • Be empathetic: Showcase the ability to notice what is being said and not said. The willingness to understand issues from different perspectives, give support and genuinely be in service of others.
  • Have a laser focus on the vision: In the hectic business world we live in, knowing when to say no to work that does not serve the vision is important and necessary. An outstanding manager knows how to protect her team from unnecessary “busy” work and help keep them focused on the things that matter.

Do you believe that women trying to have a bigger presence in the corporate world need to present themselves as a “power woman”?

I think for a woman to feel and be a compelling executive, she must own her unique greatness. She must feel comfortable in her own skin and confident to express herself authentically. It is important for women to understand what differentiates them from others and then leverage that to lead with purpose. Many of the clients I work with feel like they have to be someone else in the workplace until they recognise the behaviours they have been silencing are exactly the superpowers needed to get to the next level. It is about having the courage to own your worth then communicate it confidently, whether that means speaking up in the boardroom or asking to be lead on a big project. There are small actions you can take that spark a big change, the key is to start today. Before your next big presentation or meeting, read an inspiring quote, meditate for a few minutes, have a dance party in your office, power pose – do something that puts you in a state of full confidence and power, then go and rock the meeting.

What are some trends in how people are managing their time?

  • Disengage email notification reminders – do not let every new message be a distraction from what you are working on.
  • Commit to checking email only 3-5 times throughout the day to respond to requests, thereby creating space in your day to focus on your top priority projects.
  • Dedicate the first 1-2 hours of the workday to your single most important project – that way, you are completing high priority work before putting out fires that may pop up during the day.
  • Reframe what saying no means. Saying no to an additional project or request from a colleague does not make you a terrible co-worker or non-team player. It simply means you are prioritising your time in order to produce the best results for the projects that matter (no guilt required).

A strong leadership presence is everything from the way you dress and carry yourself to how you engage with team members to how you sell ideas to the management. The most successful executives take control of their career destiny by defining their vision, articulating their relevancy to the business, using tips and strategies to ensure they have time to complete their goals, and then fearlessly asking for what they want.

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