Swim Week Calendar Resort 2016

Designer: Hanan Zajar

Designer: Hanan Zajar

MIAMI, United States — This year the news of Mercedes Benz and IMG pulling out of the Miami Swim Fashion Week was a huge disappointment as I have been covering their events for the past few years and always looked forward to it. Fortunately, this year Funkshion production and LDJ productions were able to put the shows together and some of the top Swim/Bikini designers were still able to show their collections. Although I knew it would not be the same, I was happy that I could at least cover some of the top brands. So this is my account of my three days at this fabulous event.

Day one

On day one, I was able to cover the designer Robb & Lulu. Their show was held at the Funkshion tent. Their collection had tiny tops and high-waisted bottoms with hand-illustrated prints.

Next, I attended the Hammock Runway Show, held at the W Hotel in Miami featuring several designers like Athena, Kaohs, Posh-Pua, Beach Freedom, Aqua Green, Maxim, Magda Gomes, Shore, Issade Mar and a few others, who showcased together.

To complete my day, I attended the presentation of San Lorenzo Bikinis’s latest collection at the W hotel. San Lorenzo Bikinis was started by Peruvian designer Lisseth Figueroa in Lima, who later moved to Hawaii. Her collection from this year was called ‘Mind Bali Soul’ and took inspiration from the Indonesian island of Bali with Strap V-Knot bottoms and an intricately carved skull adorned with traditional flowers.

Day Two

During my second day, I decided to cover the Caffe Swimwear and Frankie’s Bikinis.

Caffe Swimwear designer Paula Saavedra was born in Colombia and has a strong latin influence in her designs. Caffe Swimwear show was at the W Hotel in Miami. Next was Frankie’s Bikinis, also held at the W Hotel. Frankie’s Bikinis is a California based swimsuit brand with designer Francesca Aiello, a native from Malibu, at the helm. Francesca has been inspired by Malibu and her love for oceans and waves being born in the surf community.

Day Three

On my final day, I decided to cover the show Protela Colombian Trend, which featured several influential designers from Colombia such as Agua Bendita, Maaji, Hernan Zajar, Saha, among others.

Agua Bendita, a beautiful brand started by two Colombian friends, Catalina Álvarez and Mariana Hinestroza, showcased its latest collection ‘Love Adventure’.

Maaji, another Colombian brand, introduced this season its sporty beachwear collection called ‘Rhapsody Road’.

Hernan Zajar, also a talented Colombian fashion designer, presented his latest collection inspired by the beauty and intricate landscape, colours and culture in the Caribbean region.

Saha is the creation of the Colombia designer Monica Echeverri.

Designer: Saha

Designer: Saha

As my third day in Miami concluded, it was time for me to wrap up. This year I definitely missed the shows at The Raleigh Hotel, which were well synchronised and better executed. While there was a slight lack of coordination in the execution of these shows, nevertheless the shows were good as usual and the runway at the W, which ran to the middle of the pool, definitely made it visually entertaining. Overall, I was glad I made it to these shows bringing under my arm some good shots of this year’s swim collections.

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