Swim Skirt
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With the restrictions of the pandemic easing, many of us are looking forward to winter sun holidays. If you are wondering what to wear, let us review three swimwear styles that will have you holidaying in fashion without sacrificing comfort.

Swim Skirts

While swim shorts for women have gained popularity in recent years, swim skirts are getting traction as they make for an easy, elegant look and suit every body shape. They are versatile too—functioning as hassle-free wear from beach to bar! 

Long swim skirts that are approximately knee length provide extra coverage and make for a comfortable option, allowing for free movement when you hit the waves. Some designs feature built-in swim leggings and can be worn over the top of bikini bottoms to offer a versatile look that can adapt to your needs throughout the day. For convenience, look for quick-drying, easy-care fabrics that can be cleaned and dried overnight, ready for the next day at the beach.

Swim Skirt

You may alternatively prefer a high-waisted swim skirt for comfort and confidence. The cut of these skirts offer a stylish silhouette and, like the longer options, also often feature inbuilt hidden swim leggings. The wide ranges of color offerings can be used to express your unique personality or cater to highlight seasonal changes. 

When it comes to selecting the best type of swim skirt to flatter your shape, choose one that features patterns or cut-outs to emphasize a beautiful pear shape silhouette. Those with a fuller bust will likely find that skirts with a horizontal hemline are best. Smaller busted ladies usually prefer skirts that feature an empire waistline or a higher leg seam.

Swim skirts look great paired with a short-sleeved or vest-style swim top: look out for options that come with built-in bras for additional support and comfort. If you would prefer more coverage, swim dresses can be great for wearing by the poolside or while lazing on the sand.

swim skirts

 The Style of the Seventies

The styles of the seventies have already been making their presence known on the catwalk this season. The bright colors and bold prints inspired by the seventies bring a splash of summer to winter sun vacations, brightening the atmosphere. This trend will be particularly prevalent in swimwear with seventies-inspired bold prints. By opting for a striking one-piece featuring metal rings or embellished detailing, or choosing bikinis in saturated shades, you can make this look work for you. For those wanting a little more coverage, they can pair a patterned bikini top with a pair of simple swim shorts for a more modest take on the seventies look.

You can experiment by adding accessories—some statement chunky-framed round shades, a stack of beaded bracelets, anklets in natural materials. If you are really committed to pulling off the look, wash your hair before hitting the beach, spritz liberally with salt spray, and tousle dry into beachy waves for that ‘just out of the surf’ look before even setting foot in the water.

Swim Skirt

Laidback Swimwear Styles

Laidback swimwear transfer seamlessly from lounging to swimming, making them incredibly easy to wear. Board shorts for example are known to be the epitome of surf style and come in a range of lengths. Your favorite style can take you from hotel to beach and there is no need to get changed once you hit the sand. Most also feature a drawstring to make for easy adjustability and can even be worn over bikini bottoms.

You better look for board shorts that are made from materials that provide sun protection—ideally in as high a factor as possible for maximum protection. You can pair a brightly patterned short with a plain long-sleeved or vest-style swim top, or a classic bikini top for a balanced silhouette.

If you are serious on surfing, you will need some specialist attire, but this doesn’t mean you will compromise on style. With practicality in mind, the focus is on choosing swimwear with a secure fit that will allow you to move comfortably both in and out of the water without worrying that anything has come loose. From classic or edgy styles of full-body surf suits, one-pieces to surf leggings, you will have countless opportunities to express yourself in style. Pairing your swimwear with a surf jacket to warm up as you come out of the water, and you have assembled your perfect beach wardrobe for the effortless surf style.

Swim Skirt

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