Skimmers or Serious Readers?


MONTREAL, Canada — People are finding it increasingly difficult to stay informed about the world around them. The internet possesses more information than we can keep track of, and yet many people find it difficult to sit through an article. After all, people who have had a long day at work or at school just want to watch their favourite television show so that their mind can shut down before they go to bed. However, it is important to know about happenings in your community and abroad. The following tips are some small adjustments you can make to your busy routine to get what you need to expand your horizons and be up-to-date with the latest news and gossip of an ever changing world.

Let others do the reading for you

Skimm. There are many websites that are producing condensed versions of the news so that you get the main idea and go on about your day. While they can never replace a full length article or a feature, they are definitely a better option than not reading the news at all. Most of this content can be read in under five minutes and the best websites for this are and The Daily Beast’s cheat sheet. In fact, The Skimm even sends you blurbs of different events right to your inbox so that you can read it as you wake up and the service is free.

A tower of used books

Let others educate you

Watch. Documentaries are informative and entertaining. In fact, they discuss so many topics that you are bound to find one just for you. Want to know how CR Fashion Book came about? Simply check out Mademoiselle C. If you want to branch out, there is also Food, Inc. and the infamous Queen of Versailles. In fact, you can find most documentaries on Netflix or even YouTube.


Let’s mingle

Go Outside. There are hundreds of dance, theatre and art exhibitions to choose from. The best way to go about this is to see one of these at least once a month or even one every few months. In fact, try to branch out from your comfort zone and try something that you have never had. There are incredible contemporary ballet companies such as Complexions or even try looking up a hip hop troupe. Also, there is no excuse to not see a play and museums always have special nights where they allow the public in for free or at a discounted rate.

Let’s go

Travel. This is probably quite simple, but many people neglect it without realising it. You do not have to book a trip to the Caribbean or go to a top destination. In fact, you can simply visit a neighbouring town or a part of town that you are unfamiliar with. There are so many options to choose from and you will find that you do not have to travel far to gain a life experience. Even if you do this once a year, you will become the “hood master” in no time. Your friends and family will thank you the next time you have to tour them all.

Last but not least

Something new. There are so many things you can try whether it is water colour painting or even some simple DIY you found on Pinterest. You can challenge yourself and learn more about what you are truly capable of.

Expanding your horizons is never easy but you could replace your Netflix binge with any of these activities (you don’t have to watch all of House of Cards right now).

Photography by: Creative Commons.
Erica Ng About the author

An aspiring fashion and lifestyle journalist who hopes to enlighten people’s perspectives. She is currently pursuing a B.A. in English Cultural Studies and is passionate about all things beautiful and illuminating.