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Terry Madenholm in a blue vintage style DSquared2 suit - By Sacha Goldberger

Terry Madenholm in a blue vintage style DSquared2 suit – By Sacha Goldberger

PARIS, France — Recreating unique scenery that recalls a specific time-frame requires imagination and good taste. A recent fashion shoot done for So’ Chic Magazine expertly transported us to the fabulous 1960s recalling a typical American residential neighbourhood with a fascinating clean and conservative yet artificial environment. Thus, the imagination and the good taste of this team converted a Parisian street into an American suburban with a touch of “chic à la française”.

Through the lens of the renowned French photographer Sacha Goldberger, this shoot celebrates the beauty and femininity of women of the so called “American Dream” suburban concept. The beautiful and talented Terry Madenholm – the Karin Paris’ model for this shoot – was delighted with the wide range of beautiful vintage clothes chosen for this occasion.

My favourite piece was the Versace dress that was very womanly and I also felt wonderful in the Céline dress.

Terry Madenholm in black Versace dress - By Sacha Goldberger

Terry Madenholm in black Versace dress – By Sacha Goldberger

On the picture that recalls the typical cover of an American magazine of the sixties, the Polish model wears a beautiful vintage leather dress from Céline, matched with a Bowler bag also from Céline and a pearl necklace from Misaki. She also wears a black Versace dress combined with a bell clutch from Christian Louboutin and headband from Missoni. On the most representative picture of this shooting, Sacha Goldberger immortalises this setting with a beautiful picture of Terry in a very feminine blue vintage style suit with a blouse from DSquared2 perfectly combined with a pair of platform high heels from John Galliano and a scarf, a set of gorgeous suitcases and a handbag from La Maison Goyard.

Terry’s love for vintage fashion and old retro styles are more than a pure coincidence with this fashion shoot. “This style has inspired me for a long time, even before I knew it had a name.” Terry, as all the vintage fashionistas, was lucky enough to inherit beautiful and unique dresses from her mother. “One of my favourite pieces is an Emanuel Ungaro dress that presents meticulous work highlighting the smallest detail.”

The real beauty of vintage fashion is that you can acquire a piece and simply wait for the right moment to wear it. You can also mix modern trendy items with a vintage piece to add a unique and distinguished look to your outfit. Terry likes borrowing elements from her mum’s wardrobe, which she often combines with her own wardrobe.

Terry Madenholm in a Céline vintage dress - By Sacha Goldberger

Terry Madenholm in a Céline vintage dress – By Sacha Goldberger

“I like old Christian Dior and Céline purses, evening purses resembling jewellery gems, old beauty boxes and Chanel jackets. All these things that I received from my mum, share high quality and timelessness. But vintage is also a skill of combining things that are not derived from the same time period. I like the most exceptional things that feature best quality and good style. I braid vintage style with premeditation for instance through earrings, pearls, a belt or a scarf. I liked non-standard combinations, which were not about manifesting anything, but were a need of wearing what I was fancying. These could be old shoes for horse riding with gauzy dresses. A perfect selection of everything that is in accord with fashion standards is boring. That is why I feel the need of creating my own compositions, which emphasize my personality and reflects my mood.”

Courtesy of: Terry Madenholm  |  Photographer: Sacha Goldeberger  |  Models: Terry Madenholm and Ferdi Sibbel
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