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Roni Kantor

Roni Kantor – Boutique at 64 Rothschild Blvd, 2nd floor Tel Aviv

TEL AVIV, Israel — I love the feeling to arrive to a new country and yet feel so familiar as you already have a friend you can call to, someone who you have not seen for some time and you know lives there. So this morning, I called Galit Reismann, not only a good friend of mine, but also the owner of TLVSTYLE Boutique Tour, an exclusive and intimate shopping tour of the most beautiful, stylish and famous sites of the city. Therefore, who better than Galit to accompany me in my exclusive retro boutique tour through the streets of Tel Aviv.

We started our journey at the Jaffa Flea Market, surrounded by stands selling everything you could imagine. We then walked to the Puaa for a delicious breakfast. To my surprise, the entire retro decoration including the furniture are for sale. We continued our journey through the chic Neve Tzedek quarter, walking through little streets full of cafes, local designers and gorgeous boutiques to then arrive to the lovely Rothschild Boulevard where Roni Kantor‘s boutique is located.

Roni Kantor

Roni Kantor – Redesigned Original vintage Blouse and Shorts

Roni’s boutique is magical – with a nostalgic atmosphere that transports you through the time with its vintage décor and old songs playing all day long. As soon as I entered through the door, I did not know where to start. I wanted to try on any of those fabulous pair of shoes and match them with one of her leather bags or retro style colourful belts and submerge myself in endless racks of floral dresses, shorts, blouses, skirts and much more – all meticulously designed with a unique retro style that only vintage lovers like Roni could possibly create.

“For as long as I can remember, I have always loved vintage fashion. I used to rummage through my grandmother’s closet looking for those one-of-a-kind pieces and creating something new from them. I was always drawn to objects and fabrics that told a touching story about other people and other times – I was feeling there was something different and exciting and with a lot of good experience there. When I ‘had’ to buy in regular stores, I always needed to change something – cutting and pasting shoes buckles instead of buttons, narrowing and shortening dresses, gluing patches… And I was always changing the buttons so no one would have the same item as mine.”

Roni Kantor

Roni Kantor – Vintage Inspired Dress

Roni’s love for vintage made of her the successful and talented designer that she is today.“While wandering at a market in Thailand, I found a stock of gorgeous vintage dresses and could not help myself, I bought them all and I brought them to a local seamstress. I sat there with her for three days, I drew some very amateurish sketches that illustrated what I wanted her to do with each dress. She followed my instructions and taught me a lot and with these 50 upgraded dresses I came back to Israel. I did not know what to do with them and with the help of a good friend, I decided to organise an apartment sale. During the preparations, a friend who is a photographer, asked me to help him with a fashion production: Clothes and stylist. This was the first fashion production I ever took part in and was published in ‘Walla Ofna’, the leading fashion site in Israel, and the apartment sale was a huge success. I was ecstatic of course, and that eventually something good was happening to me. This was 4 years ago.”

Roni’s designs take inspiration from vintage fashion and from specific periods of time or subjects that she finds interesting. “I work to develop my sketches until I deem them satisfactory, and then send them on to manufacturing”. Upon Roni’s completion of shoe crafting and designing courses, she launched her vintage inspired vegan leather shoe collection which perfectly match her designs.

Some of the garments I create are the reinvention of original one of kind vintage pieces. No dress is ever the same; therefore, each dress receives different attention and love as needed from me. I also design vintage inspired garments (from vintage fabrics) and the vegan colourful shoes.

Roni Kantor

Roni Kantor – Brown Leather Vegan Shoes

Today, more than 20 stores display Roni Kantor’s designs across Israel including the store Sweet Alam in Australia.

Courtesy of: Roni Kantor | Photography by: Dror Ben Naftali | Website: | Special thanks to: Galit Reismann from TLVSTYLE | Website:
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