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REIN London

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LONDON, United Kingdom — There’s no doubt that fashion cannot only be game changing but world changing, and with feminism and empowerment hot topics across the globe, the statements we create when we build an outfit are more important than ever.

REIN is a celebration of the female form, inspired by and for women. Focusing on the body as a medium and fashion as armour, the brand explores the relationship between body and clothing, revealing and concealing, a play upon the socially acceptable and clothing’s ability to empower women. We take a closer look at REIN’s ethos for empowering through design and demonstrate how our female readers can celebrate their form in the season ahead.


As a self-professed and industry acclaimed women’s fashion house, REIN has sat at the heart of innovation through design since founders Rebecca Morter and Gemma Vanson graduated from London College of Fashion in July 2013 and subsequently set their sights on creating their own label. Putting their contemporary and forward thinking design approach into practice, the brand has since gone on to create statement after statement with their one-of-a-kind designs.

“Both myself and Rebecca were working full-time for small fashion houses when, after meeting with the British Fashion Council, we were offered a spot in the emerging designers section of London Fashion Week. Since participating we haven’t looked back, and have built on our brand purpose as we intended to do when we first started out,” began Gemma.

Our purpose is to empower women and our promise is to create and deliver the highest quality in revolutionary clothing.

REIN London

All images – REIN London


Our concept of ‘world changers’ has evolved every year with various individuals from a number of industry sectors making their way on to our own top influencers list. The role of the fashion industry and designers in particular, when it comes to combating modern challenges, especially in relation to feminist issues and inequalities, has come under scrutiny in recent years. REIN has incidentally paved the way for using fashion to empower females, playing on the challenges that women face in society.

“We all have a social responsibility and those who have a strong voice have the ability to use it to spread positivity,” Gemma continues. “The fashion industry is huge, it affects every single person in the world in one way or another so of course we have a strong voice. For us REIN is about empowering women.”

We know that we cannot change the world in a day, but we will fight to spread body positivity and confidence for all women all over the world.

REIN has become a symbol for the fact that we all have a strong purpose and has steadily attracted celebrities, since debuting their very first collection last February at London Fashion Week. The label’s designs have been worn by Lady Gaga, Eve, Charli XCX and Little Mix.


“Our ethos for celebrating the female form is what we have in our minds all the time, from when we’re designing to when we’re sourcing fabrics and manufacturers. We make our clothing in a way we hope will give our wearer the confidence that we believe every woman should have, regardless of who or where they are,” concludes Gemma.

REIN celebrates their one year anniversary this month and after an amazing first year, we simply cannot wait to see what the New Year brings for a label that is becoming more than a brand for many women.

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