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How to Wear Thong Panties the Right Way

Underwear can be a pretty polarizing subject to many, especially when it involves thongs. It practically divides womenwith one half proudly proclaiming their love for it to the other half that simply thinks of it as a wedgie. Some may think of it as uncomfortable while it can be absolutely essential for many. Most women feel that it’s great for everyday wear, while others may only use one when it’s absolutely necessary. Whatever the reasons, thongs will always be an interesting topic not only between females but also with their partners.

So how do you know if they’re right for you? Trying on one or two is probably the best way to tell which camp you’re on. After all, you’ll need to experience it first-hand to give an honest opinion. But how would you know if it works? The key is to learn how to wear thong panties. Nail this, and you’ll discover they do work for you (and your partner too).

Wear It Right

Knowing how to wear a thong right can spell the difference between being an avid fan and a staunch critic. When you’re out shopping for a pair, brands like EBY can help you experience the comfort and freedom seamless thong panties can give. You need to remember these four tips to help you rock those thongs.

Comfort Is Key

Like any other piece of clothing, you’ll need to find thong panties that you’ll be comfortable using. It helps to know your size before you head out to the store and you can ask salespeople for advice. But if you prefer the online route, you can check out size charts for measurements. Consider getting one that’s a size larger since thongs are smaller than regular undies. This way, you won’t feel any discomfort, and you won’t have to worry about chafing or irritation on your privates.

You’ll also need to consider the fabric of the thong panties you’re buying. Cotton thongs can be great for everyday wear since it’s breathable and won’t feel clammy on a hot day. But if you want something more sensual, you may try silk or lace. There are also thongs made from a combination of materials like spandex or nylon that make them stretchy and suitable for workouts or yoga.

Once you’ve made your choice, take a closer look at the leg holes and waist so you won’t make the mistake of putting it on backward. Put it on both legs and pull it up. Tug on the back end until the string fits between your cheeks, then adjust the front to ensure a comfortable fit. Remember that it takes time to get used to, so wear it several times a week until you barely notice it.

Below The Belt

Thongs have one purposeto give you comfort while being discrete. Make sure your seamless thong panties don’t rise above the beltline so they don’t catch attention. You’re wearing thongs to eliminate any visible panty lines but keep it low-key. Apart from you and your partner, no one else needs to know that you’re wearing one. Brandishing a whale tail in public is said to be a fashion mistake, and an embarrassing moment you don’t have to experience when wearing thongs.

Thong Panties

Choose Your String

Thong panties come in various styles such as traditional, G-string, and tanga. Traditional ones feature a front patch, thin rear, and a seamless waistband. You can choose seamless thong panties to get the hang of wearing thongs.

G-strings are fine if you want thinner or ‘barely there’ waistbands to make you more comfortable. If you desire some butt coverage, then a tanga is surely an option.

Waistbands are often common concerns, as thinner ones can result in muffin tops. In order to prevent this, you need to ensure proper fit, so it doesn’t give you red lines or rashes. You can use one or try any of these thongs until you find one that works for you.

Make A Match

Certain thong styles work great for everyday wear while others fire up the night. In choosing which one to use, one lingerie expert advice is to match thongs with your outerwear. They should complement your outfit, whether it’s a bodycon dress, leggings, or delicate pants. Thongs must go well with your bottomshigh-rise thongs go together with high-waist pants and pencil skirts, while low-rise ones work well with low-rise jeans and not the other way around.

Color also matters when you’re choosing your thong. Make sure it’s almost invisible underneath. If you’re wearing white pants or pale sheer clothing, make sure to choose one that’s the same hue, or with minimal prints so it doesn’t ruin your outfit.


Knowing how to wear thong panties right can eliminate discomfort and steer you away from fashion blunders. Choosing the right size, fit, and material ensures you’re comfortable wearing them all day and make you feel confident wearing them on special occasions. Trying out different thong styles not only allows you to discover which ones make you feel and look great, as they can also make seamless thong panties a mainstay in your intimate collection.

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