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NEW YORK, United StatesPrimitive cosmetics is a boutique collection of eco-friendly and organic lipsticks and glosses. Made from pure ingredients, without additives, lead, preservatives (paraben-free) or artificial colours, these emollient and naturally conditioning lipsticks come in eight exclusive and wearable shades. Susanna Ronner and Nancy Caigan created Primitive over 10 years ago fuelled by their need for natural lipsticks and the creative challenge of selecting a colour palate. I got a chance to talk with Susanna about what has inspired their successful but limited collection. Read on to find out what shade of lipstick is right for you and the planet.

Primitive Makeup

Primitive Makeup

When you and Nancy Caigan started Primitive what were you looking to create?

Nancy and I wanted to wear a natural/clean lipstick, but we could not find a brand among the “naturals” that had great wearable colours, a good taste and texture and performed as well as the “non-natural” or traditional lipsticks — so we set about to create what we would love, and knew others would as well.

I imagine that when Primitive launched there were not many eco-friendly cosmetics on the market, who was your competition then and how has that changed?

Well, actually, some of the brands available then are still available today, and there continues to be more eco-friendly options, which is great! We are really happy that women continue to take the time to let us know, that after trying so many natural lipstick brands, Primitive remains their favourite. Women have to be really vigilant about reading ingredients as there are brands that jump on the “natural” bandwagon, but their ingredients tell a different story.

What are your thoughts on the future of eco-fashion/beauty?

Women are increasingly becoming aware of the need for clean cosmetics and women need to demand it from large cosmetics companies, so that eventually the marketplace will follow. I would also love to see eco-fashion embracing ‘clean’ cosmetics on the runway!

How do you come up with the lipstick colours that Primitive offers?

We had colour progressions in mind, both in the warm and cool family — exploring shades that would be wearable by all women (of which we are so beautifully varied) — and then worked with our chemist to achieve these shades using natural colourants. It took us one year just to develop and refine the colour palate.

Tell us about your favourite Primitive colour?

, a raspberry red, is a gorgeous shade for those looking for a pop of colour. To add some natural sparkle, whether you prefer a bright colour or a more nude lip, try layering Taj Mahal lipstick (a gold shimmer) over any lipstick or lip pencil, or on it’s own. Taj Mahal is also great used on the brow line, and even a touch on the cheek bone to catch the light.

Please describe the Primitive woman?

We love that the Primitive woman can be your young daughter that wants to play with Mummy’s lipstick (and thank goodness it is chemical free); to the teen discovering and wearing lipstick or gloss for the first time (either learning from mum, or turning mum onto ‘eco’ cosmetics); to a woman of all ages — our range is wide (judging from the emails and phone calls we receive daily). We created wearable, beautiful and natural shades, that are complementary for all women, all ages.

I am wondering what your best kept makeup secret is?

Nancy and I are both dancers. We believe that moving around and getting your heart beat going, is an amazing beauty secret, as it gives one radiance and an experience of living within a body that is strong and fluid.

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