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Whether they are in the playground, in their room, in the back of the car or in a restaurant, siblings will always find a way to annoy each other, poke each other, argue over the most ridicules things, have a screaming match over toys, clothes and even girlfriends at a later stage. While siblings are a blessing to keep close to your heart, it is often a real rocky path to find the right balance between family and friendship.

And yet, what would we do without them? Siblings teach us to be strong, tolerant, compassionate, honest, loyal while stretching our nerves to their limits. If there is anything I learnt from my siblings it is to develop good communication, appreciate and acknowledge each other’s differences, in other words, agree to disagree, and recognise that being different is a strength rather than an impediment. To this end, there are some great examples of double acts that have mastered their communication, successfully culminating in great business projects and collaborations worth dedicating our February issue to.


In this month’s issue…

Holstad and Co: Statement jewellery with sparkle

Holstad & Co: Statement jewellery with sparkle

Whilst working with your sibling may present its fair share of drama, in the fashion world, two is certainly a company. And Holstad and Co couldn’t reflect better the collaboration of its creators who have put together a fabulous jewellery collection!
Coming on 6 February

Turning Lifestyle into Fashion

Are you a serious flip-flop wearer? Then you must have come across Gandys’ flip flop designs, but you may not know that from each pair of flip-flops sold, money goes towards helping orphans and creating a safe environment for them. Well done to the masterminds of Gandys Flip-Flops.
Coming on 9 February

Turning Lifestyle into Fashion
Innovation is a Family Affair

Innovation is a Family Affair

Looking for tasty ice cream with a twist? We introduce you to Mercer’s Dairy and their wine ice cream. Join us in this fantastic journey of wine ice cream tasting. Cherry Merlot, chocolate Cabernet or Peach White Zinfandel, anyone?
Coming on 12 February

Two Siblings Turning Me to We

We take a closer look at the accomplishments of Craig and Mark Keilburger – brothers, activists, humanitarians, social entrepreneurs and the founders of Free the Children and the great initiative Me to We. Let’s meet this fantastic team.
Coming on 16 February

Two Siblings Turning Me to We
Sibling Fashion Design Duos

Sibling Fashion Design Duos

While time spent with sibling could be great, sometimes it is a wonder that they can cultivate their vision together when you consider their differences. We share with you a snapshot of some of the most successful sibling design duos that will inspire you.
Coming on 19 February

King of Senses

Nothing envelopes the senses more than the art of cooking as it all starts with the king of senses: the taste. We talk to the Damini brothers from Damini&Affini who tell us: ‘What really carries guests along is taste.’
Coming on 23 February

King of Senses
Dominating SF's Commercial Real Estate Market

Dominating SF’s Real Estate Market

We came across Zach and Seth Siegel, who happen to be twin brothers working at the same company. Could it be that they contribute to each other’s successes or are they so competitive they drive each other to succeed? Let’s find out!
Coming on 26 February

Fratelli Rossetti: A Family Affair

Fratelli Rossetti, absolutely one of the major Made-in-Italy luxury shoe producers, famous for its unique designs and craftsmanship is run by Diego, Luca and Dario Rossetti, three brothers who talk exclusively to FG about their successful collaboration.
Coming on 28 February

Fratelli Rossetti A Family Affair

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