Peru’s ancient textile tradition of cotton and Alpaca fashionably embellished with the finest silver accessories present the best of an emerging heaven for the fashion industry. Welcome to “Perú Moda”.
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LIMA, Peru — The diaries of international fashion jet-setters must have Peru as a top destination. A land rich in natural resources, Peru has successfully established itself as a leader in the international textile industry as the large-scale event Peru Moda demonstrated.

Peru’s biodiversity and vast offer of vegetable fibres allowed ancient civilisations to develop materials that distinguish Peruvian products from everything else in the world. Today, alpaca, cotton and vicuña are high quality textiles that effectively compete with other fine materials, such as cashmere. In unison with a growing exports industry and a booming economy, Peru’s textile industry is expected to grow between 9 and 10 per cent this year alone and Peru Moda 2013 is the perfect opportunity to present this side of Peru to the international fashion scene.

peru moda
Applauzi – Aguaclara catwalk – Peru Moda 2013

Peru as a top destination in Fashion

Between 10 and 12 April 2013 Lima became the global capital of fashion, attracting over 10,000 visitors to the exhibition that started in 1998 as an initiative to promote Peru’s uniqueness in the fashion market. Peru Moda is organised every year by PROMPERU, which is the commission in charge of promoting Peruvian exports and tourism, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, among other associations dedicated to the Peruvian export industry.

In this edition of Peru Moda, over 350 businesses of all sizes showcased their clothing, shoe, home decoration and jewellery designs, made with first class materials that greatly reflect the blend between Peruvian traditional culture and the modern side of this up-and-coming fashion leader.

Besides the main exhibition, Peru Moda was the stage for catwalks where distinguished Peruvian designers highlighted their most recent creations – increasingly seen in Paris and New York. Likewise, the Peru Gift Show offered the best of handcrafts and other hand-made accessories. This year, 20-year-old student Moah Emilio Saldaña was awarded the much awaited ‘Youth creators to the world’ prize for his designs using traditional Peruvian cotton, leather and alpaca materials. Even acclaimed restaurants designed a Peruvian tasting menu for the occasion!

The success of Peru Moda is reflected in the talented designers who used this stage to inspire others to partake in the Peruvian fashion industry. APPLAUZI, presented its line of swimwear for ladies, ‘AGUACLARA’. Creative Director, Liliana Villalobos, explains that these designs, “Blend Amazonian and Andean influence in a splendid collection of exotic garments […] and highly elaborated pieces”. APPLAUZI started 25 years ago as a home-based bikini manufacturer at a time when Peru did not have a swimwear industry. Today, AGUACLARA’s sophisticated and unique pieces have presence in specialised boutiques in over 40 cities. Without a doubt, Liliana’s designs were among our favourite shows in Peru Moda’s catwalk.

peru moda
Rosario de Armenteras 2013 Collection

Another success story is that of Rosario de Armenteras, who had to pursue a career in Fashion Design in Italy because Peru did not have that field of study two decades ago. Today, Rosario’s hand-made embroideries can turn alpaca into an elegant nightgown, a tendency that characterises her internationally-known label and what made of her party dresses a highlight at Peru Moda.

“I believe that events like Peru Moda help to invite local and international press to get to know our work and thus attract clients from all over the world”, says Rosario.

Without a doubt, Peru will continue to amaze the world of fashion with its talents. The success of Peru Moda 2013 opened our appetite for more delights from this Andean nation and made of alpaca a fashion must-have!

Courtesy of Mónica Chávez (Comisión de Promoción del Perú para la Exportación y el Turismo), Liliana Villalobos (Applauzi - AGUACLARA) and Rosario de Armenteras

Photography by