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LONDON, United Kingdom — Pearls are set to be sitting atop many women’s wish-lists during any season and throughout the year, but this inevitably means there will be a lot of men fretting about which pearls to buy and what sort of style the woman in their life will love. Well, luckily, pearls are universally adored but, as with all things, certain people will prefer certain styles and looks, so it is always a good idea to know what sorts of characteristics you should be looking for when buying pearls.

There is a great variety of pearls in terms of colour, sizes and shapes so, regardless of your chosen recipients taste, you will be able to find something that they will adore. Thoughtful, luxurious and endlessly elegant, pearls really do boast a lot of positives and any lucky recipient of pearls will have plenty of opportunities to wear their new jewellery.

As Andrew Freser, owner of Winterson Pearls, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of pearl jewellery in both classical and contemporary styles, states:

“Pearls have a unique beauty that appeals to our sense of tradition and splendour. This heritage is also constantly being referenced by leading contemporary designers at the major fashion shows each year.”

Winterson Pearls is a family business that boasts over 50 years of experience in the industry and a supplier of an incredibly diverse selection of stunning pearl collections in a wide array of colours and shapes. Their collections of pearl jewellery range from necklaces to rings featuring hand-selected pearls from the finest harvests in the world’s most prestigious pearl-producing regions. Winterson are also dedicated to only sourcing their pearls and precious metals from companies that work ethically and responsibly with their materials.

pearl jewellery
pearl jewellery

1- Design

When buying pearls for a wife, girlfriend, mother or sister, one of the chief considerations to bear in mind is the sort of design that they are likely to favour. Luckily, pearls have such a classic and timeless style that if you are unsure of the sort of design they are likely to favour, you can go with a safe bet with an understated piece of Freshwater pearl jewellery such as the Winterson freshwater pearl, agate and amethyst bracelet.

If you have got someone in mind who likes to stand out more from the crowd, then a contemporary statement piece such as the Luna Rose Tahitian pearl ring would be a stunning choice. This beautifully designed piece from leading designer Alice Cicolini, and specifically designed for pearl specialists Winterson for release this spring, is exactly the sort of eye-catching jewellery that will be perfect for those looking to make a mark in 2013.

pearl jewellery

2- Grading

When buying pearls, it is important to look into something known as grading. The grading of pearls refers to the quality of the pearl used in a piece of jewellery. It is important to ask if the pearls have been properly graded by an expert because poorer quality pearls will not look as exquisite and may not last as long as they should.

3- Lustre

Last but by no means least, is to look at the lustre of a pearl. This refers to the manner in which the pearls reflect light from their surface. The best pearls will have an almost mirror like reflection on their surface and will effortlessly catch the light (not to mention the eye).

In terms of the type of pearl with the most impressive lustre, saltwater Akoya pearls are particularly loved and admired for their beauty, demonstrated by some beautiful Winterson’s pearl pendants in their collection.

Pearls are a timeless addition to any ladies’ accessory collection.