The FG Team

We are a truly international team of writers with the desire to bring you captivating news, reviews, insightful stories and interviews from an ever-changing creative world. We represent eight different countries, four different continents and speak more than a dozen of different languages. We live in London, Paris, San Francisco, Washington DC, Kuala Lumpur, Toronto to mention a few and our day jobs range from successful entrepreneurs, public relations officers and professional journalists to consultants and photographers.

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Editorial Team


Hitch Boukhari

Founder | Geneva, Switzerland

Founder and CIO of The Fashion Globe, directs the team from behind the scenes. Entrepreneur by nature and a programming expert by training, he has lived in 12 different cities, 5 countries and is passionate about bringing different people and ideas together.

Elizabeth Deheza

Editor-in-Chief | London, UK

Hyperactive perfectionist, vintage lover and working mother, coordinates and directs content across The FG Magazine. Comes from everywhere and nowhere; educated in six different countries with a MALD in International Security and a career in management consultancy.

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In-House Writers


Madeleine Resener

In-House Writer | Paris, France

A Californian turned Parisian with a background in financial journalism and PR, she is captivated by beauty and luxury, from vintage perfumes and costume jewellery to Paris’s 19th century architecture. She owns too many cashmere sweaters for her small Parisian flat.

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Shire Lyon

In-House Writer | New Haven, USA

Internet marketing specialist and web designer by profession, she is a writer by passion. Her delight in fine cuisine and new gastronomic trends coupled with her obsession for writing help her bring cuisine trends to an international audience.

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Alessandra Frega

In-House Writer | Siena, Italy

Lawyer, blogger and aesthete, brings hidden gems and established brands from Italian fashion. With a degree in Law and a Master’s in Diplomatic Studies, her fun loving alter ego has a passion for fashion.

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Mary-Ann McLaughlin

In-House Writer | Norwich, UK

Haut Couture knowledge with an eye for the next trend, runs a vintage and designer clothes business, combined with yoga teaching and family life. Bringing the mixture of the fashion and spiritual world together in her multi-faceted lifestyle.

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Guest Writers


Tiffany Le

Guest Writer | San Francisco, USA

Wardrobe consultant and fashion writer who believes in karma, human rights and being earth-friendly. She has a B.A. in Psychology and a degree in Fashion Design from F.I.D.M San Francisco, and inspires others to be confident and beautiful.

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Brittany Thorley

Guest Writer | London, UK

As a self-professed keeper of wisdom and words, Brittany is passionate about bringing the lesser known designer brands to dedicated followers of fashion everywhere. The FG Magazine is just one outlet for such things, whilst she spends much of her time musing across the net at The Clothing Lounge.

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Chiani Lin

Guest Writer | Taipei, Taiwan

An aspiring and fresh trend forecaster from Asia, with multiple master degrees related to fashion in Italy, UK and Taiwan as well as 12 years of working experience in the fashion industry. Currently working for an international sourcing company, Chiani is passionate about all things creative from different cultures.

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Jazz Brell

Guest Writer | Sydney, Australia

An Australian model converted into an aspiring UK entrepreneur inspired by the world of fashion. With a B.A. in Fashion Textiles Design and MSc International Business, she is passionate about the collaboration between both sectors and utilising her skills to benefit the fashion industry.

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Lucille Smithson

Guest Writer | London, UK

Writer, artist in progress, reluctant brunette, and terrible at telling jokes. When she’s not fighting with her own paintings she’s conversing with artists about their creative process. She has a black cat called Diego.

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Mariela Saldias

Guest Writer | Paris, France

A classical art lover with a B.A. in History of Art and fascinated with the 19th century paintings, is currently pursuing a Masters in Museology, and shares her passion of art and profound sense of beauty found in every Parisian corner.

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Arnab Kar

Guest Writer | Los Angeles, USA

An MBA senior software consultant with a passion for photography loves fashion, Fine Art and landscape photography. Drawn towards painting, sketching and music, he works with world-class models and clients.

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Special Guests


Erika Lemay

Special Guest | Quebec, Canada

Internationally awarded performer and public personality. Her ability to move any type of audience, her artistry and stunning acrobatics, makes her today, one of the most revered artists around the world.

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