Organic Beauty Products
Eco-friendly products are booming across California, we have scoured the state for our favourites and are meeting the organic beauty brand Deep Roots and retailer Credo Beauty.
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SAN FRANCISCO, California — Organic is the hottest trend in the beauty industry and it is here to stay! Since many non-organic beauty products contain harsh elements and chemicals that are harmful to us and the environment, you may want to consider using kinder, all-natural and eco-friendly beauty products. But what products really contain natural ingredients claimed in its packaging and where do you find them? To save you time from searching every beauty aisle of department stores, we did the research and found some incredible all-organic, earth-conscious beauty products from independent brand Deep Roots, and Credo, an all-natural beauty store with over 70 major brands to choose from!

Deep Roots

A brand of handmade beauty products in which the name was acquired from an old family tradition rooted in using plants and herbs for healing the skin and body. Iris Stevens is the creator and maker of the Deep Roots brand. The product line includes all-purpose beauty salves, balms and body oils derived from calendula, lavender and white sage, among others. Organically home-grown in sunny San Rafael, California where the plants and herbs are picked at their finest, dried and then infused immediately to keep its freshness and potency. Additionally, the Deep Roots Tree of Life Salves are made of 100% pure olive oil from olive trees in Palestine, and beeswax from beehives kept at her home! It doesn’t get more natural than that! Iris takes great pride in making her products and explains why:

“Gardening was a huge part of my family upbringing, a tradition I continued. My Deep Roots products are home-grown and handmade by me for quality and pureness. I have also loved nature and the spiritual connection I get with the earth when my hands are nurturing, caring and picking the plants and herbs to make my products. It feeds my spirit and helps me appreciate the world. The whole process is a way for me to inspire others to take care of themselves, and the planet.”

If that isn’t a good enough reason to buy the Deep Roots products, then here’s another. The salves and moisture sticks miraculously soothe, protect and relieve irritated, dry skin from environmental stress while securing just the right amount of sheen for a natural, healthy glow. And the aromatic infused oils are amazing for moisturising, healing and relaxing once massaged into skin, hair or scalp.

Organic Beauty Products
The Tree of Life Salves in reusable 6oz jars $42 plus shipping & handling. Photo by Iris Stevens
Organic Beauty Products
Deep Roots Healing Salve 4 oz (Lavender or Calendula) $28 plus shipping & handling. Photo by Iris Stevens


Credo means “I believe” in Latin and is an online retailer, which recently opened a one-stop beauty shop located in San Francisco, it is Sephora with all-natural and sustainable beauty products. The boutique is situated in Pacific Heights Fillmore Street, where there is a great demand for organic products. The boutique is beautifully decorated and stocked with all-things organic. The many collection of products from beauty, skincare make-up and personal care with prices ranging from affordable to luxury offers something for everyone on any budget. Credo believes:

Everyone deserves products that are exquisite, effective, modern, and good—in every sense. We started Credo with the goal of providing you with the world’s most exceptional collection of those very products.

Shashi Batra, founder of Credo Beauty, whose resume also included being one of Sephora’s founding team and having worked with Victoria’s Secret Beauty, where he created an organic line from scratch called Pink Organics. Batra and his team of top industry leaders select only credible, non-toxic and high-quality brands, which have been tested for purity, authenticity, sustainability, ethical practices and no animal testing. A popular brand that’s sold at Credo is Juice Beauty (Gwyneth Paltrow is creative director of it’s makeup line), which is getting a major buzz right now. And with a solid buying power like that, how could it go wrong? Credo’s mission:

“From the artisan workshops in our hometown of San Francisco to the farms of New Zealand, we have searched near and far to curate an unparalleled lineup of artisan brands. This Credo community is living proof that we can have beautiful and results-driven products that are also safe and sustainable. Their thoughtful and proven combinations of natural and ethically sourced ingredients offer beauty-seeking and health-conscious beauties a truly elevated experience.”

Looking beautiful has never felt so natural and guilt-free.

Organic Beauty Products
Juice Beauty Green Apple Age Defy Moisturizer $45. Photo by