Nino Sepo
We meet Nino Sepo, a promising Georgian designer. Known for her work “Caucasian Frame” ,dedicated to the contemporary Caucasian woman, she tells us about her work, career and her desire to create a prêt à porter collection.
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Florence, ITALY —  We are proud to introduce you to a promising and ambitious designer, Nino Sepiashvili Sepo. Known as Nino Sepo, she was the first Georgian to be chosen as the new emerging talent with the collection “Caucasian Frame” by Vogue Italia in 2012.  This collection, dedicated to the contemporary Caucasian woman and her strict frame, attempts to answer a fundamental question: “Does it really hurts to live better and be absolutely free, or does this frame protects us from losing ourselves?”. Her new work is entitled “Reincarnation”. What happens after death? Is reincarnation really true?.

Nino’s motto embraces a basic but very successful attitude:

“Never give up – I need it for my job and for myself. Not for money or fame but just for my soul.”

A young artist, the FG Magazine had the pleasure to meet and interview few weeks ago.

NIno Sepo
Nino Sepo: “Caucasian Frame” Sketches

Nino Sepo Interview

Nino, tell us about yourself

I was born in Tbilisi, Georgia. This is a very specific and interesting region that plays a huge role in my designs. After graduation from the College of Architecture, I continued my studies in design and fashion at Tbilisi State Academy of Arts. Currently, I am also working as an art curator at the “Sepos Kinetica Mobiles”. However, fashion is the best way to introduce myself.

Tell us about  the “Reincarnation” work and the concept behind this project

The “Reincarnation” was a “travelling of the spirit”. I started thinking about the collection after my mom’s death, to whom I dedicated the project in an attempt to understand what will happen after death. In my religion there is no belief of reincarnation, but I think that death is not the end.

At first, I started doing just some sketches of a story similar to a journey of the spirit while reading  a lot of material about reincarnation. Through this process, I realised that my sketches could be reborn in other forms. And what it began as a game turned into a real fashion garment, like  a flower that I split into two different parts: one part remains incomplete while the other is rich in details to represent that there is still life after death.

Furthermore, with my father’s support (he is a kinetic artist), I decided to get a short film installation from sketches to be shown with my collection.

What do you expect from this project?

I do not think too much about a project when I am working on it. I am probably wrong, but I am young and I have so much emotions that I try to put them all together  in every creative process. My goal is to present this project to as many people as possible. The theme of Reincarnation is a very timely topic: I want to show people that fashion is not only about garments, but also about a great tool that could possibly be a precious answer to their doubts.

What is your previous experience in the fashion industry?

Up to now, I have just created some little collections about forms. My most important work has been the “Caucasian Frame”, which was also shown at “Tbilisi Fashion Week  Artgeorgia Paris 2013”.

What plans do you have for the future?

I would like to create a prêt à porter collection that matches the daily needs of people. Observing individuals in everyday life, I think I have understood what they need: they are looking for clothes that are comfortable but stylish and exclusively designed to meet their needs. In other words, a collection that you can wear and make you feel  immediately over the moon!

Nino Sepo
Nino Sepo: “Reincarnation” Collection

Courtesy of NINO SEPO

Photography by NINO SEPO