Interview with Nargis Fakhri

Interview Nargis Fakhri

Photos taken at Lakme fashion week – Suneet Verma Show – Photography: Arnab Kar

MUMBAI, India — Following my previous write ups “Part I” and “Part II” of the acclaimed Lakme Fashion Week Summer/Resort 2015 (LFW) in Mumbai, I had the opportunity to have a great conversation with the gorgeous Nargis Fakri, a model and a rising star in Bollywood, who has also made her debut in Hollywood in the upcoming movie SPY. She walked the LFW for both Masaba on Instagram and designer Suneet Verma.

Nargis was born and raised in Queens, NY, however, she is part Pakistani and part Czech and has travelled the world for several years. Her adventures have lead her to India and have given her a unique insight into the country’s culture and fashion scene. Let’s discover Nargis’ journey.

Interview Nargis Fakhri

Photos taken at Lakme fashion week – Suneet Verma Show – Photography: Arnab Kar

What motivated you to move to India? Did you experience a big culture-shock when you first arrived? Do to feel at home after all this years?

I came to India for the first time in 2010, although my face had been up on billboards here even before my arrival, due to some modeling jobs I did overseas that were for the Indian market. I ended up in India because I received an offer to try out for a Bollywood film. It actually happened randomly: I received an email from an assistant director who was casting for a film called “Rockstar”.

I was confused because they asked me to attend the audition but I was not living in India. Up to that point, I was an American who had never acted in her life and could not speak the language. However, the director wanted to meet with me some how. So ironically, they were to be shooting in Prague and he was on his way to check out a few locations. I was living in Copenhagen at the time and decided I to fly over and meet the director and hear about his story. Long story short, I ended up in Mumbai a month later, trying to learn a foreign language, the culture and acting, all at the same time, just 2 months before shooting!

After finishing the film and upon its release, I decided to move to India in January 2012. When I first arrived, there were a lot of things that reminded me of my Dad, certain smells, the food, the colours and even the clothes, but it was a culture-shock for sure. My father did not raise me, so I was extremely American and unaware of how things were in India. It took me a long time to adjust and digest the changes, but that is the beauty of it all. I am totally OK now and I call Mumbai home.

Interview Nargis Fakhri

Portrait Image of Nargis Fakri provided by Nargis

Since you grew up in Queens, NY and worked as a model there, how do you rate Indian fashion compared to the fashion in the West or globally?

I think Indian fashion always keeps its particular flavour. They do not seem to follow the rest of the world. The nation itself is so big that they would not need to cater to anyone else outside of it. Nevertheless, you see a lot of new young designers creating some interesting collections. I think things are changing, but you still want to cater for your market, so they adjust with the time… keeping it Desi but also keeping up with global trends. Does that make sense?

I saw you walk the runway for Suneet Verma’s collection at the LFW and you not only seemed to own the runway but also seemed to be thoughtfully enjoying it. Would it be right to say fashion is still your first love?

Oh I absolutely love walking down that runway. It still feels as good as the first time! And I really enjoy getting to wear the clothes that some of the top Indian designers create. What I wore for Suneet’s collection was stunning and since it is not something I can wear everyday, I think I am so lucky that at least, I wore it once! Fashion is still my first love.

Tell us about your personal fashion style.

My personal style is a tough one. Since I was a model for so many years, you become someone who can wear almost anything, it is more about what mood you are in. Sometimes, I feel girly or I feel edgy; on other occasions, I crave a short black dress while sometimes I prefer a floral flowing dress. For me, my style is associated with the mood I am in, but if I had to really pin point, I do love an edgy, chic, street style.

At FG Magazine we regularly feature eco-fashion trends, designers and projects as we like to think that fashion should and can be environmentally healthy. How do you feel about eco-fashion? Do you think there is any strong movement on sustainable fashion in India?

Oh I love that! It is the way we all should be moving forward. I think there are a few designers supporting eco-friendly fashion, but hopefully more will join the band wagon. I am not aware as to how strong the movement really is, but the possibility for it to become massive is there, for sure.

It is great that FG Magazine supports this movement. If we continue to showcase or place more importance and shine a light on those who are doing this, we can get others to join.

Tell us a bit more about your upcoming movie SPY and any new projects you are excited about in the near future.

Well the Hollywood film “SPY” is coming out on 5th June. This is an exciting moment for me despite my small character role in the movie. Getting to work with Melissa McCarthy, Jude Law and Jason Statom was a dream. I am working on a few projects here in Bollywood, which should be fun. I am still shooting covers for magazines and always doing something in the Fashion space. Life is Good!

Courtesy of: Nargis Fakri | Photography by: Arnab Kar | Website:
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  1. Great interview Arnab Kar, thank you for sharing your passion for fashion and your spectacular picture! Take care l’Artiste!

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    Well done Arnab! Good to know about Nargis views on eco-fashion and her support. As always great photos from you, especially, from Lakme fashion week. Keep them coming. Best, Rajesh

    • Arnab Kar Arnab Kar :

      Thank you Rajesh! Nargis is difinitely a big supporter of eco-fashion. And eco-fashion is catching up in India. ~Arnab

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