Virtual Entries of the 2064 Michelin Guide


* Note this is a fictional review. With a mix of culinary trends, geopolitics and social satire, we transport you in a time capsule to top-rated restaurants of the future.

BERLIN, European Confederation — This year’s Michelin Guide was full of confirmations for many established restaurants, with China and Chinese chefs worldwide keeping their decades long leadership. What came as more of a surprise was the presence of a few up and coming restaurateurs that I had the chance to visit just before they were awarded their coveted first star.

Chef Giuseppe Rossi at Kilometro Zero, Luanda. Giuseppe’s professional life is a classic story in the restaurant scene. He is a second generation Angolan of Italian descent and his family is part of the numerous diaspora that left the Old Continent following the Great Crack of 2020. After obtaining a degree at the Kinshasa Polytechnic, Giuseppe’s first job was as engineer in the bioethanol industry, the commodity behind Africa richness. However, his own calling was the kitchen, and he came up with a revolutionary idea – real Italian cooking based on locally grown and sourced produces. The greatest challenge, in his own words was “to find non-hybrid seeds for vegetables, which were banned by the Monsanto Act. Luckily, my maternal grandmother managed to smuggle a few on the boat back to Bengazi, and we have been growing tomatoes, rocket and aubergine in our backyard ever since.”

The Carnivore by John Smith – Sydney. John has never been afraid of breaking the rules. Born in bankrupt Perth, he spent most of his youth in foster homes, until he was (almost forcefully) enrolled in the ‘Off The Streets, On the Stoves’ programme run by Jamie Oliver Foundation. After several successful apprenticeships, John felt he was ready for his own venture. However, nobody would have expected a meat restaurant in a country that is, by law, 100 percent vegan. As John explains:

The challenge was sourcing the meat, and the only way around it was to import it as a traditional remedy for mineral deficiencies… Another issue is the continuous harassment by the police, which has forced me to open and operate in such a run down neighbourhood.


With its low lights, hidden parking lots and secondary entrance, The Carnivore actually looks like an opium den, but can boost a clientèle that is travelling from most affluent section of the suburbs.

Antonio Quispe is less of a new entry – the first winner of Master Chef Estados Unidos has been a successful restaurateur for over two decades, and he played a central role in turning the Peruvian cuisine into the worldwide reference for fine dining that it is today. He is now moving to revamp Classic French, having restored to its former glory the culinary school Cordón Azul. “I admit that it took me a lot of courage and a bit of recklessness to pursue this new venture. Paris is such a run down and dangerous city, but I felt I owe it to the glorious past of this country. The lack of a functioning wine industry is another setback, and very much against my philosophy when it comes to local supply. My dream would be to revamp it but for the time being, we will continue to feature only the top producer of the finest Xinjang chateaux”. A safe bet for sure!

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