30 Under 30 to change the world

30 under 30 social entrepreneurs

Malala Fund – Shiza Shahid, Forbes 30 Under 30

JERSEY CITY, New Jersey – According to the third annual Forbes 30 Under 30, these young people are the 30 most talented and brightest stars – under the age of 30 – in 15 different fields: finance, hollywood, tech, social, music, sports, games, science, education, law, media, marketing, art, energy and food. The FG Magazine decided to take a closer look at the remarkable work of some of these young and very ambitious prodigies.

Shiza Shahid

30 under 30 social entrepreneurs

Malala Fund- Shiza and Malala for girls’ education

Shiza Shahid, the social activist of Pakistani origin, is the CEO and co-founder of the Malala Fund that represents Malala Yousafzai, the young Pakistani schoolgirl who was shot by Taliban for her campaign in support of girls’ education.

“I met Malala and her family when I was in college,” says Shiza. “When I was a shophomore at Stanford, I set up a summer camp for Malala and 30 other young female activists who were fighting for their right to go to school. The camp gave the girls a break from the chaos of their daily lives – the Taliban was actively shutting down schools for girls at the time, and the chance to be activits, both for themselves and for their communities.”

Thanks to Malala’s partecipation in the camp, Shiza had the opportunity to establish a good relationship with Malala and her family and help her to continue with her campaign. Shiza proudly explains: “Throughout this entire ordeal, Malala wanted to keep fighting for girls’ education, turning her [personal] vision into reality.”

“We wanted to create a platform for her finding a way to capture the interest her story inspired,” Shiza explains. “The number of people Malala is inspired is immense.”

Initially, Malala Fund was a blogger for the BBC, but soon it became a book called: I am Malala: the girl who stood up for education and was shot by the Taliban, where the young Pakistani activist shared her experience in great details.

30 under 30 social entrepreneurs

Malala Fund – Malala Yousafazi Story’s Book

As Shiza explains, Malala Fund’s mission is so ambitious: “We want every girl to be in school and every girl to be empowered with the skills she needs to have opportunity in her life, to be employed , to not get married at 14… and to be a change maker in her community.” Meanwhile, Malala is headed back to school!

Divya Nag

Divya Nag is a healthcare technology enthusiast and the founder of Startx Med and Stem Cell Theranostics. She was selected as the third annual Forbes 30 Under 30 winner in science & healthcare for her accomplishments in the medical field.

“I signed up to do stem cell research at the Stanford School of Medicine. I had not research experience prior to applying for this position, but I convinced the lead scientist to take a chance on me. Before long, I was doing reasearch on taking skin cells and turning them into beating heart cells in a dish,” says Divya. She realised one of medicine’s biggest problems is that most types of human cells – like those in the heart or liver – die when you keep them in a petri dish trying to attacked it.

In 2011, Divya, with the 3 other co-founders, decided to start a company for commercialising their technology creating Stem Cell Theranostics. “I made a decision that completely changed the course of my path, but I am so passionate about it that nothing else made sense to me,” she says. “It was very clear this was what I wanted to do.”

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0I0siPAEJ2g]

In the same [science & healthcare] field, the Italian Livio Valenti was named by Forbes 30 Under 30 as one of the most influential leaders for his role in the commercialisation of innovative technologies to improve global health. He co-founded the Vaxess Technologies, an innovative life sciences company that aims to stabilise vaccines that can be stored, eliminating the need for the cold chain, so that they can be shipped around the world without refrigeration.

Trip Adler

30 under 30 social entrepreneurs

Trip Adler, Scribd

With a Harvard degree in biophysics, Trip Adler is a multi-talented American entrepreneur. He is the CEO and co-founder of Scribd, a digital library and document-sharing platform:

I received inspiration for Scribd from a conversation with my father, who had difficulty publishing an academic paper in a medical journal.

Trip, with the help of Jared Friedman, a fellow Harvard student, built Scribal that was launched [from a San Francisco apartment] in March 2007.

In 2008, just one year after, Scribd ranked as one of the top 20 social media sites according to Comscore. It has already partnered with more than 100 publishers for a catalog of more than 100,000 titles in its books subscription service: $ 8.99 per month for unlimited e-book downloads, with 80 million users. “Our challenge now is how to take our profits and reinvest them to continue to grow our revenue,” Adler says.

Being young has always its advantages, and these young bright stars have been able to play them as best they could by getting to know how to take profit of infinite resources that the digital [world] can offer and winning the most important goal of their lives for the benefit of humanity.

Courtesy and photography by: Shiza Shahid, The Malala Fund. Divya Nag and Trip Adler, Scribd | Websites: www.malalafund.org and www.divyanag.com and www.scribd.com
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