The Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur

the majestic hotel kuala lumpur

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia — Situated a stone’s throw away from the iconic Kuala Lumpur Train Station is none other than The Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur. Built in 1932 during the British colonial era and documented as a national heritage site under the Malaysian Antiquities Act 1976, this classic and iconic hotel looms of nostalgia that is only surpassed by its impeccable Butler Service, the kind so rare you will have to experience it for yourself to truly understand. The Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur invited our very own Nicholas Ng to come and savour this nostalgic experience.

Originally run as a hotel during the 1930’s, the Majestic Hotel had ceased operation until its refurbishment in 2012 when it was bought over by YTL Hotels. Through a cultural renaissance, the Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur was restored to its former glory, and every detail of such work can be seen from the crystal chandelier in the main lobby, to the cutlery used at the Colonial Café. The Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur has 2 main buildings, the primary colonial detailed Majestic Wing; and the Tower Wing, complete with modern amenities including one of the nicest bathrooms available.

The Majestic Wing consists of 18 Colonial Suites, 15 Governor Suites and 2 Majestic Suites. These all consist of decorations that try to stay true to the original style such as its colonial façade, and this is apparent from the designs used in the bedrooms, living rooms and bathrooms of each suite.


Patrons that check into the Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur’s Majestic Wing will be provided with one of the best services you will ever experience: a butler service. This is one function you will have to truly experience yourself to understand the full benefit. Your butler is on call 24 hours, and makes every endeavour possible to go out of their way to ensure all your needs are met. The butler service also comes with its own chauffeur service, ensuring that you make all your meetings within a 25-kilometre radius from the hotel epicentre. This service is perfect for business travellers who just want the ‘no frills’ service. Another understated perk is the free mini bar, filled with an assortment of alcohol, beverages and bottles of pistachios.


When you walk into the hotel after a long day out, it is nice and welcoming to come back to a personalised greeting. The Butlers are so well trained that they know most, if not all the patrons by name. The ethos behind the Majestic Wing is for its patrons to experience what it was like back in the days when impeccable service and personalisation was the prime concern of the hotels.

The Butlers are trained to try to meet your every need, ranging from morning phone wake-up calls, to breakfast in bed, to arrangements and rescheduling of spa treatments and haircuts.


The Smoke House is neatly tucked in between the Majestic Wing and the Tower Wing and serves only the finest drinks as expected. Serving as your traditional gentlemen’s club, the smoke house consists of a cocktail bar, private dining room, cigar bar and even a card room for a little round of bridge.

If you get a chance, be sure to try their signature Code 55 and 2 Bulat. Other than that, the Smoke House does manage to carry an array of Nikka Whisky. Having a parentage even older than the hotel itself, there are a few other whiskies that could match the ideology and concept of the refurbishment of The Majestic, to give a second life to an original idea.

The Majestic carries most of the Nikka range, from the peaty Pure Malt White andthe floral Pure Malt Red, to the spicy Pure Malt Black. The Smoke House also carries the Miyagikyo 10 years, Taketsuru 12 years and Yoichi 15 years, which are more delicate and are for the more refined taste buds.

The Majestic also serves to promote a lifestyle that is accommodating to the modern gentlemen, where all your needs can be found under one roof. You can arrange for a haircut at Truefitt & Hill while you have drink and cigar at the Smoke House awaiting your appointment. This is the perfect place to have a night out with the boys.


With many of its services catered to men, The Majestic also offers up something for the fairer folk. True to its colonial British roots, the English Afternoon Tea available at the Tea Lounge speaks to all of us who appreciate that slight unwinding of a hectic morning. Not to be missed would be the services at the Majestic Spa, which will provide you with the best moisture-rich scrub with berries, you will not believe they are not edible, the perfect location to have a ladies afternoon lounge.

There are many hotels in Kuala Lumpur that can claim to be 5 star, but there are few that can boast the impeccable service and attention to detail of the Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur, the perfect blend of traditional gentleman values, with modern aesthetics that are well preserved.

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