Best Luxury Fashion Accessories on the Market

Luxury Fashion Accessories

SEATTLE, United States — When you look your best, you feel your best. Whether you have a get-together with friends during the day or a dinner date at night, you want to look the part. The right accessory finishes off the look you decide on. But before you start pairing your favourite accessories and clothing, you need to know what the best accessories on the market are. Here is a look at some stunning luxury accessories and how to utilise them so your appearance really pops.


Luxury Fashion Accessories

A smartphone works as a fashion statement every time you use it. An old dinosaur of a phone doesn’t help you look sophisticated, savvy or relevant at all. Even a new phone of a lower tier leaves you looking out of the loop. If you are in need of a new smartphone, why not get the best? The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is the designer version of the Galaxy S6. This phone utilises OLED technology that is bendable, so the phone’s screen wraps around one side. This gives it a sleeker and more lifelike user interface and experience. This phone lets friends and strangers know you are part of the future, not the past.


Many people are skeptical of the smartwatch, but only because they are unsure of its place in their lives. While the Apple Watch is bulky, square and leaves a lot to be desired in terms of fashion, other smartwatches take a more low-profile approach. After all, watches accent a look, they don’t make it. The Samsung Gear S2 is a top-of-the-line product that has the functionality of the Apple Watch — getting reminders, texts, emails and calls — but with a much sleeker look. Not only does a smartwatch mark you as affluent, but as a trending item, it makes for a good talking point.


Luxury Fashion Accessories

While most people buy headphones based on their sound quality, you know headphones can add to your look and make a fashion statement. For a sleek and clean style that flirts with minimalism, get the Urbanears from Marc Jacobs. These have a clean, crisp sound and all the bass you want. You also can take these headphones apart to clean them.
If you go for a more glam look, Baublebar X Frends is a shiny option that comes in a couple different sizes. While these headphones are not known specifically for their sound, they are a hip option for the fashion friendly. If you like bass, check out Beats by Dre. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours, so they can be part of your outfit as surely as your shoes.

Earring Asymmetry

The one-earring style has evolved into an unbalanced look. Designers are creating beauty in asymmetry with two different earrings. Whether these drop earrings are different colours, lengths or shapes, they can set off your outfit. Different coloured earrings accent your outfit in two different ways. Designers like Hermes, Nina Ricci and Louis Vuitton have all showed off this style in some way.

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