Chez Dior Café

The love for England and passion for the British elegance that Monsieur Dior had is marvellously exemplified in the animated windows of Harrods which present a range of Dior creations, designs and accessories displayed with a British twist to give life to a fascinating experience of fashion, elegance and taste through a pop-up store, the “So Dior” exhibition and the Dior Café.

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Gourmet Raw Food with Vito Cortese

Meet one of the most influential Italian chefs that are making “rawism” popular throughout Italy and Europe and discover all the benefits of including raw food in your daily diet while keeping style and the aesthetic on your dishes!

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Clerical Clothing For Women

Church Meets Fashion: A Look At Clerical Clothing For Women

The church dress code is one of the most debated aspects of dressing for the faithful most especially to those who are members of the clergy. Because of the general perceptions about religion, this has brought questions on whether fashion and the church can go hand in hand – are people allowed to maintain their style while going to church?

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Fashion Blogs

The Phenomenon of ‘Fashion Bloggers’

Blog, blogging, bloggers? Everyone has a blog, it doesn’t matter if you are a celebrity or if you just dream about being one! We walk you through this still-growing trend and look into the new frontier of video blogging.

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Oriana Fallaci by Cristina De Stefano

We have a talk with Cristina De Stefano, an Italian journalist, a literary scout, writer and the author of the first authorised Oriana Fallaci’s biography, the most iconic Italian author, journalist and political interviewer ever.

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