Gloria Steinem

Is Today’s Feminism Irrelevant?

It was once liberating and empowering to be a feminist because it showed strength to stand up for what you believe in, but the extremity of the issue has got us questioning if feminism today is still empowering women?

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food rationing ww2

Food Rationing During World War II

We present a case study researching the ration book recipes, food lists, and restaurant restrictions of WW2. While it is a time that most attempt not to recall, the diets and recipes of those times are not forgotten.

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Eataly Restaurants - il nuovo centro enogastronomico a Torino

Eataly Restaurants: The Slow Food Concept

Are you in search of the best food and drink as well as the best environment in which to discover and expand your tastes? We introduce you to Eataly, the fresh market-come-restaurant concept and its impressive array of courses.

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