Are you looking for high quality timeless pieces for your little ones? We introduce you to luxury childrenswear La Coqueta's latest capsule collection, in collaboration with Muzungu Sisters, featuring the elegance and practicality of the Spanish brand's designs and the beautiful embroidery of Muzungo Sisters with a mutual focus on traditional craftsmanship. A must-have this summer!
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LONDON, United Kingdom – Back in 2013, we had the pleasure to interview an emerging brand for luxury childrenswear, La Coqueta, that had just opened its first store in the heart of Hampstead, London. At that time, we were struck by the high quality of their timeless pieces that come in a range of vibrant colours combined with classical patterns and superb finishing, all made-in-Spain.

Four years on, we have had the opportunity to catch up with La Coqueta’s inspiring founder, Celia Muñoz, whose hard work, determination and dedicated team has delivered impressive growth of the business and brand. “In 2013 I had just opened my shop, everything was new and the focus on online sales wasn’t as big as it is now. For us the most important milestone has been to grow online,” Celia comments proudly.

When we first met Celia, her core values were to stay true to her concept, listen to the needs of her customers, give them options and offer them the highest quality products at a competitive price. These values are exemplified in her latest capsule collection – in collaboration with Dana Alikhani and Tatiana Santo Domingo, founders of Muzungu Sisters – which beautifully combines the cuteness and cheekiness of La Coqueta with an online retail portal that promotes ethical production by showcasing artisan-crafted goods.

“Tatiana, Dana and I have been customers of each other’s brands for years,” Celia explains. “Muzungu Sisters contacted me last year to ask us if we wanted to collaborate with them. Funnily enough, we wanted to do the same thing with them that very same week. Call it fate or just minds alike… We all felt it was the perfect fit and we could create something incredible.”

Celia tells us how smooth and fun the collaboration was as their views were aligned and they knew what they wanted to achieve. In her words: “It was a fun process and I think the result shows the good vibe that we had. I love their business and what Dana and Tatiana represent, the image they project through their business. Muzungu Sisters clothes are beautiful and for us it felt really special to get to do something quite different to what we normally do, working with a type of embroidery that feels more ethnic.”

La Coqueta - The Growth of a Spanish Luxury Childrenswear
La Coqueta - The Growth of a Spanish Luxury Childrenswear
La Coqueta - The Growth of a Spanish Luxury Childrenswear

The 10-piece capsule for boys, girls and babies, highlights both brands’ signature elements featuring the elegance and practicality of La Coqueta’s designs and the beautiful embroidery of Muzungo Sisters with a mutual focus on traditional craftsmanship. While the entire collection is a must-have, Celia tells us that her favourite piece is the Gardenia skirt. “I just love the look of it and I wish we had done it in adult sizes.”

In these past few years, la Coqueta has strengthened its brand by embracing a more holistic approach and developed different streams to the business including collaborations with other fashion brands. Such collaborations represent an organic evolution of the brand: “I have never believed that something revolutionary will happen to a business but success is achieved through natural evolution, great products, hard work and perseverance,” explains the mastermind of the Spanish brand.

We can still recall how proud Celia was to have developed a relationship with Spanish suppliers and small businesses when she first started her business and now is no different: “I love working with the people in my team but also on the production side of things, supporting small workshops that have so much to offer. We have a very intimate relationship that has been nurtured for quite a few years now…” Her proudness for ‘Made-in-Spain’ says it all.

Our conversation ends with some empowering and valuable advice for all those emerging brands with high aspirations: “I have learned that the sky is the limit and that it is important to never close doors to anything. It’s important to explore any opportunity that is presented to you because if you don’t do it, others will and your business will miss out.”

Courtesy of Celia Muñoz