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Kids Chef – Delicious Skillet Lasagna Baked by Chef Eliana

NEW HAVEN, United States — Kid Chef Eliana de Las Casas started cooking before she could go to school. Her grandparents are Filipino, Cajun, Honduran and Cuban, so she already had a great inspiration in the kitchen. At the tender age of four, she was already cooking it up. By eight, she became a serious chef. At 12, she had a cookbook entitled, Cool Kids Cook: Louisana published. She received the 2013 Special Achievement Taste Award in the Outstanding Kids category, and has been on shows like the Wendy Williams Show.

In addition to this, Eliana has her own radio show called “Cool Kids Cook” on the VoiceAmerica Kids Network. She interviews culinary greats on the show such as Certified Master Chef Edward Leonard of Le Cordon Bleu and United States White House Pastry Chef Bill Yosses. She also volunteers once a month for the Builders Club at school. They prepare 300 sandwiches for 150 lunch bags that are given to the men staying at Oznam Inn, an emergency shelter for homeless men.

Kid Chef Eliana recently answered some questions exclusively for the FG Magazine about cooking, creativity and advice on learning to cook.

Kids Chef

Chef Eliana Pictured with Her Best Chefs Plaque and Medal

Why do you like cooking over other possible creative outlets?

I was always in the kitchen helping out and learning how to cook. We always have big family gatherings and parties with tons of food. Food, for us, is a celebration.

What kind of experimentation do you like to do in the kitchen and how do you come up with new recipes?

I like to start out by going to the store and shopping around the perimetre because that is where all the fresh produce is. By the time I am done, I look down and I think wow I have a meal here. I like to be creative in the kitchen. I love exploring new ingredients, spices and trying new foods.

How do you suggest kids who are interested in cooking start out?

They should start out by learning kitchen safety. Safety is always the most important thing. Always have a grown-up present in the kitchen when you are cooking.

What types of cooking projects do you suggest for kids? Are there any websites with projects that you would recommend?

Go to a community garden. You get to bring home the food you grown and cook it. It always tastes so good!

What is your advice for a kid that wants to become a serious chef?

Try new foods! I try to use or taste a new ingredient every week. Work with professional chef mentors. They can give you valuable advice and help you grow as a young chef. Cook every week. The only way you can get better at cooking is to keep cooking. Learn all the cooking techniques. I watch YouTube videos when I want to learn something new.

Kid Chef Eliana suggests that cooking is a great family activity and should be enjoyed together. She says YouTube is a great resource for tips and learning new techniques. She also emphasises that fresh food is essential, and promotes this when she works with kids as well as in all of her projects. She even encourages kids to “paint” with colour vegetables on their plate canvas.

Cooking is a creative outlet just like photography or painting. Eliana says: “Food can also be art. I love presentation and garnishing. People feast with their eyes first.” Art in the kitchen is not usually encouraged the way a “typical” art form would be. With the large number of famous young chefs cropping up, perhaps another look should be given to allowing children more time to experiment in the kitchen.

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