Josephine Lalwan: The Quintessential Fashion Blogger

 Josephine Lawlan

Josephine Lawlan The Quintessential Fashion Blogger

MONTREAL, Canada — Josephine Lalwan is the quintessential woman. Not only is she classy and intelligent, but she has embraced aging without hesitation and she is as stylish as she can be. It is no wonder that her style blog, Chic at Any Age has become a household name among older women. With decades of knowledge in the fashion industry under her belt, this former image consultant and fashion public relations expert has the greatest advice to offer when it comes to style, confidence and business. However, Lalwan did not realise that “Chic at Any Age” was going to become anything more than a hobby when she initially began the blog.

“In about 2007/2008, I decided to take some time off. I had been working for many years now, so I was a bit tired. I took some time off to rethink everything and together with a former colleague of mine, I decided to write a book. We had worked with so many people doing image consultancy, we felt we had so much to offer…,” says Lalwan when she spoke about the blog’s inception.

She wrote a synopsis for the book and sent it to several agents. While many thought it was a good idea, the book never came to be since it lacked celebrity endorsements. It was around this time that Lalwan discovered blogs. She encountered a couple as she was searching for style forums for women, who were fifty and older. She did not know what blogs were at the time, but since then, she has found them to be an amazing outlet. After all, you can update them constantly.

After years of working in the fashion industry, Josephine Lalwan has also acquired a discipline for the way she dresses and the way she runs her blog. It comes from the dress codes that she acquired in her workplace.

You had to look good every day, it was not quite as relaxed…there were more rules and regulations back then. I was a representation of the brand. Therefore, every work day, especially as an image consultant in the corporate market, there were definitely guidelines. The discipline became a habit.

The fashion industry is known for valuing youth as portrayed in the advertisements that are presented in magazines. However, there has been an increased demand for representation among older women. In fact, Lalwan cites Helen Mirren, Emma Thompson, Linda Rodin, and Daphne Selfe as some of her favourite style icons. Many of these women are still modelling, despite being beyond their “prime”. Lalwan believes that their beauty captivates her because they have a natural glow to them. It may be the reason why she has never struggled with the idea of ageing. As she proudly states:

I do not know, I have never struggled with it. It never bothers me. It does not occur to me. Yes, physically one changes…and you have to allow for that. I think your figure shape changes and you have to accommodate to it. It is a part of the evolution of life.

Shops have begun to present a lot more style options for older women and they can be seen through the types of brands that Lalwan constantly wears. She often buys jackets and scarves at Jaeger or Zara, while she goes to Uniqlo for sweaters and t-shirts. However, she also believes in shopping for investment pieces. She still wears the same Emporio Armani jackets and a MaxMara coat that she has had for ten years. Lalwan also appreciates the collection that Hobbs has done this year and she recently purchased a navy jacket from Theory. Besides that, she also shops at NYDJ jeans and gets t-shirts from GAP.

Lalwan describes her style as classy with a contemporary twist. She tries to keep it as simple as possible because she finds that she looks better in classic pieces. In fact, she has never been particularly experimental. When she was prompted about how her style has evolved from the time she was younger, she states it simply.

For me, I would still wear the same style jackets because it suits my figure shape now as it would have done maybe ten fifteen years ago. I might change the colour for the season. Basically, the shapes that suit me then would suit me now. I mean, I would have maybe worn something trendier and something short, but those are just adjustments I have made.

More importantly, she believes that you should just buy what you love and makes you feel great. If you are someone who does not follow trends or fashion that is presented in high fashion magazines, it is best to just find pieces that come together.

Fashion bloggers are always producing new content to attract the attentions of readers and it has become quite difficult since there are thousands of fashion bloggers worldwide. As a result, Lalwan always keeps herself inspired by reading other blogs, going around the shops to look for what she likes, and attending previews of collections six months prior to when they are released in stores. Also, she lives in London, one of the fashion capitals in the world.

I do have a British style. I am very fond of leather jackets, even though I do not wear them as much anymore. I always look for good quality wool coats. I am also very fussy about fabrics, especially since we have got good wool coats. I also wear fairly traditional shoes with a British look. It is in fashion, so it is great. I have even picked up the French style by purchasing more scarves.

When she is asked where does she sees her blog fitting into the fashion world, she says: “Bloggers are apparently becoming more influential. People are paying more attention to bloggers and what they do, possibly because it is more accessible. Vogue is lovely and the photographers are amazing, but to wear some of those clothes, most people do not. We do not go to the local supermarket wearing Dolce & Gabbana or Louis Vuitton. It gives you an aspiration, but if you are going to purchase a sweater, you look at a blog.”

Currently, Josephine Lalwan hopes to write more articles for magazines in the future. She has already been asked to write articles for several websites, but she is always looking for new opportunities to reach a wider audience.

I want to be a role model for women to show that you can look good and continue to have fun with fashion at any age because that is what it is about.

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