International Women’s Day

Who is afraid of Women Photographers

Young Suffragettes advertising the Women’s exhibition, 8 May 1909 © Museum of London

LONDON, United Kingdom — The FG Magazine is an online platform that was born to give a voice to unique stories and celebrate the work of like-minded artists and professionals who have one goal in common: turn their dreams and personal vision into reality. Throughout this journey we have come across talented women of all ages, backgrounds and social strands with wonderful stories and truly inspirational work and dedication.

On International Women’s Day we want to remember these role models that highlight the significance women have in global economics across all sectors acting boldly for change. All their stories carry empowering messages, advice and encouragement to dream big and stand out because it is not just about women’s appearance in the workplace but how to overcome insecurities, play to their strengths and be remembered for all the right reasons.

In the fast-paced business world we take inspiration from successful women who have breached the upper levels in traditionally male-dominated sectors.  A successful female chef who is ruling the restaurant scene tells us about the strength required in an incredibly stressful environment with antisocial hours that conflict with family obligations. These are women who know how to stand out rather than blend in.

Tania DeSa

Tania DeSa – Tania DeSa, Leadership Coach, has her 8+ years of global corporate experience empowering professionals

How can you emulate their success? Stay true to yourself, follow a career that promotes the things in which you believe and to which you know can add value and speak with some authority. Never be put off, ask intelligent questions in public sessions as it gets one noticed, build networks and always thank people for their help afterwards. We give you some key advice to be a powerful executive manager because for a woman to feel and be a compelling executive, she must own her unique greatness; she must feel comfortable in her own skin and be confident enough to express herself authentically.

As equality in the workplace gathers traction how can women gain the same psychological boost that men tend to show? Emerging designers are making some serious progress in dressing the working woman. From wearing the perfect tailored jacket to boost confidence and make you feel stronger and more secure to helping you choose the right lingerie and stay true to your size; many women lose confidence in their body shape at different stages throughout their life. These creative minds are fighting to spread body positivity and confidence, celebrating the female form.



Outside of the business world we also celebrate the enormous impact women had and continue to have on the Arts. We have looked at history through a female lens showing the singular and progressive relation between women and photography. Women have strategically used their gender to ensure their critical and commercial success paves the way for future generations. We considered the work of female artists that draw inspiration from the strength and femininity of women and their roles in today’s society. In a world where you have to crush others to succeed, female artists tend to approach things differently, less commercially and more intimately: this women centric gallery, devoted to emerging female artists, celebrates their work and cause.

Andrea Stajan Ferkul

Andrea Stajan Ferkul’s Paintings

With the strain from the dynamic pressures of work and the increasing focus on finding ways to create a work-life balance, how do modern-day women cope? What are the best ways to relax and de-stress for a busy professional? What do successful women do and how do they find the time to do it? Me-time is essential to being an efficient, productive and passionate professional. We tell you how to stop treating it as an add-on to our lives or another to-do list item and start treating it as an important step for us to reach our full potential both personally and professionally.

As we age and consider the changes that await us, we speak to a quintessential woman who has never struggled with the idea of ageing and celebrates every aspect of the changes in her shape as part of the evolution of life. A truly inspirational lady that demonstrates you can look good and continue to have fun with fashion at any age because that is what it’s all about, right?

30 under 30 social entrepreneurs

Shiza Shahid, Forbes 30 Under 30

Finally, as our view of the future expands beyond our own lifetimes what are the prospects for the next generation? What about those young, talented and bright stars under the age of 30? We praise these young women who fight for girls’ education, equality, women’s empowerment and are improving global health and the commercialisation of innovative technologies turning their personal vision into reality. Not to mention inspirational teens who are a breath of fresh air, helping raise funding and awareness for children in war torn areas motivating and inspiring other youths to step outside the box and broaden their scope in helping others.

Empowering women is not all about reaching the pinnacle of your chosen professional, it’s about giving women the choice and the opportunity to find the right balance that they are searching for. We hope that this collection of stories will be as inspirational for you as it was for us.

Trust in Education

Trust in Education – Briana Grether – Photo by: Eric Wight

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  1. Rosemary De Arce :

    Congratulations Elizabeth , this is one of your most fascinating articles on FG. I couldn’t stop reading it!!
    One of the best tributes to Women’s International Day!!

    “Women can be successful at any age. Just give her the opportunity and the power”

    • Elizabeth Deheza Elizabeth Deheza :

      We’re glad to hear that you enjoyed this collection of articles as much as we did! Stayed tuned as this month we will be dedicating all our publication to our female readers!