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NORWICH, United Kingdom; Hair removal is something that every woman and increasingly a high majority of men worry about. Many spend hundreds of pounds on hair removal creams, waxing, laser surgery, you name it. However, there is an ancient method of hair removal that has been used ‘since time began’ and that is threading. This is no longer a hidden secret of the East but a method that the West has embraced with open arms.

Join me as I take you on a step-by-step lesson on how to perform the perfect threading by Egyptian salon owner Gharib Desouky, who owns the I-Bar in the centre of Norwich. Gharib’s inherent skill is impressive. You do not even feel the hairs being removed and the result is amazing as well as long lasting.

Gharib believes that the art of threading begins as soon as his clients walk into the salon. He is passionate about threading like no other I have met before. Having learnt this art in the family business in Egypt at a very young age, Gharib’s sheer enthusiasm and passion create the right ambience even before the threading has begun.

The threading process

First, all make up must be removed. The equipment you will need is a piece of cotton and a positive state of mind!

Place one end of the cotton inbetween your teeth and then extend the cotton to the length of your arm; loop up to place the other end between your teeth.

Then make a loop in the cotton with your fingers; this will be used to place around the hairs you require to be removed. Then tighten and twist the loop which results in the hair coming away from the skin. As Gharib suggests:

It is important to go with the flow of the hair for the first round of threading, then go against the flow of the hair for the second round of threading for a smooth hair removal.

The duration of a threading session varies depending on the body part that is being threaded. For example, eyebrows last 5-8 minutes, the upper-lip 3 minutes while the threading of the whole face could take up to 15 minutes.

It is much easier to thread an older person’s skin as it tends to be less elastic resulting in quicker and simpler hair removal. Whereas the skin of younger people tends to be firmer and more elastic and holds tighter to the hair. However, the more a person has threading, the easier it will become.

Gharib highlights that his clients are “not just ladies, [but also] a lot of male clients that now book threading appointments. The male clients will only have the top and the middle of their eyebrows threaded, definitely, not underneath!

It is important to note that threading is not only a far cheaper option to learn and to have it done as this technique only removes the hair, whereas waxing removes a part of the skin as well. Threading can last for several weeks depending upon the client’s hair growth.

Gharib is passionate about this ancient technique, especially after threading for over 25 years. He now plans to open up a training course in Norwich so that he may pass on his expertise to a younger generation that is wanting to train in the art of threading.

Will you be a threading convert, or perhaps you already are? There is one thing I do know for sure, once you have threading, you are hooked.

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The I-Bar in Norwich is offering to our readers a session of eyebrow threading for £5.00 instead of the usual £8.00. What are you waiting for? Book your threading appointment and mention the exclusive promo code IBARFG. An offer available until Christmas Eve!

Heading to Scotland or Wales?

With threading now taking off on a greater scale in the West and no longer exclusive to Eastern retreats those readers who are not near Norwich can venture to the exclusive and talented salons of:

MIU Unisex Hair & Beauty Salon on Argyle Street, Glasgow. Set in the city centre, this salon is the ultimate place to head to if you live in this city or the surroundings. MIU is looked over by the watchful eye of Durdana Sharikh, Creative Director in the salon, who’s talent has no bounds.

Singh’s Henna & Beauty Salon, Edinburgh. Situated in the heart of Edinburgh, this salon is in a great location for those living in Musselburgh, Dalkeith, Queensferry and Livingston.

Visible Changes Beauty Salon, Cardiff. If you happen to live in Wales then this is the place to head to. Situated on Moy Road Roath in Cardiff, its experts will pamper you completely in every threading sense of the word.

Courtesy of: Gharib Desouky, I-Bar | Website:
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