Holstad and Co
Whilst working with your sibling may present its fair share of drama, in the fashion world, two is certainly a company. And Holstad and Co couldn't reflect better the collaboration of its creators who have put together a fabulous jewellery collection!
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LONDON, United Kingdom — We all love a bit of sparkle, however, the line between creating a statement and keeping it classy can be a tricky one to tread — that is where Holstad and Co. comes in. The sibling-run luxury jewellery brand offers exquisite design using only the finest semi-precious stones and diamonds. Natalie and Sandra Holstad’s philosophy is simple, jewellery is to be seen and celebrated, and every part of their latest collection is designed to ensure this ethos is complemented.

Siblings With a Shared Sixth Sense

Whilst working with your sibling may present its fair share of drama in any other industry, in the fashion world, two is certainly a company. The creative designer duo behind Holstad and Co. certainly use this family dynamic to their advantage, but as Sandra explains it’s not always plain sailing:

We clearly butt heads, that is, unless Natalie agrees with me! We do have a difference of opinion but this gives us an opportunity to look at things from another angle, after all two heads are better than one.

“I think being sisters has made it more fun, we can communicate in a very open manner and we do not need to be politically correct with each other. At the end of the day, we know that we are always going to be there for each other no matter what, and that gives us a space to create together and have fun while doing it.”

Holstad and Co
Holstad and Co

Mixing Fashion and Culture

Thanks to their use of semi-precious stones and eye-catchingly extravagant design, the pair mixes fashion and culture to create something truly timeless. In fact, Natalie and Sandra’s upbringing has enabled them to strike the right balance between old-world charm and modernity perfectly. The designers actively draw on their love, knowledge, experience and exposure to classical music, art and architecture, and juxtapose these influences with minimalist design and structure.

“We grew up in many different countries and were educated in international schools, which helped to broaden our awareness and sensitivity to the flavours that make different cultures unique,” added Natalie.

“Our household was always filled with jazz, opera and bossa nova (which we listen to now when we design). We would hear the sounds of the Spanish guitar and Gypsy Kings in the afternoon and Johnny Hodges and Duke Ellington by night thanks to our father. Combining old and new, past and present, is like second nature to us because that is how we grew up.”

Holstad and Co
Holstad and Co

A Signature Collection Full Of Stylish Staples

Holstad and Co.’s current collection includes a number of staple pieces, thanks to their use of elegant and whimsical details, each offering is as unique as the next.

As Natalie explained:

“Our latest collection plays on versatility and making a statement. Our pieces are made to be worn individually or stacked and combined in sometimes unexpected ways – think baroque pearl bracelets with dazzling star clasps paired with a bright pink crocodile leather cuff.”

The sourcing process takes both Sandra and Natalie around the world, and the pair have developed a travel bug as a result. Their latest collection certainly reflects this with the bold, beautiful and daring designs showing their adventurous side in all its glory.

Holstad and Co
Holstad and Co

The Year Ahead For Holstad and Co.

The next year will see the designer duo explore not just the world, but their use of materials. The brand will be experimenting more with the combination of polished and rough gems, and, without giving too much away, you can expect to see a more playful side.

Holstad and Co
Holstad and Co