Hifas da Terra: when fashion and science collide

Hifas da Terra

Science chic, with natural roots.

BATH, United Kingdom – Imagine delicious chestnuts, the smell of fine wood and an array of mushroom species. Agaricus blazei, Boletus edulis, Shiitake, Maitake mushrooms and several other beautiful organisms surround you. It is here, in this forest, that pure magic is created around Hifas da Terra. It is here that a collaboration between fashion and science has been established.

The science behind fashion

“Fashion is the science of appearance, and it inspires one with the desire to seem rather than to be.”- Edwin Hubbell Chapin

Hifas da Terra is a biotechnology company that has managed to combine innovation, sustainability, ecology and mycology (the study of mushrooms) not only in the world of science, but also in the world of fashion. It is through their range of accessories that they aim to reconnect users with their natural environment.

When consumers select the garments and accessories they hold, they make a decision. This is more than just an aesthetic; it is the way that consumers communicate, a way in which to fit into a niche group within a community. Therefore, fashion becomes a form of individual expression; it is an outlet that conveys attitudes and personality traits. These pieces act as a forum where they gain the attention of consumers who are passionate about science and speak the same to others.

Hifas da Terra

The team behind the science, the science behind the Fashion, Hifas da Terra.

Textiles, science and fashion

Fashion relies on science for all its production, textiles and manufacturing technologies. What Hifas da Terra is now focusing on is how science may potentially start to rely on fashion. Fashion is exposed to people in a format that they can understand. To this end, Hifas da Terra has utilised textiles and their fashion accessories to create a communication medium between science and consumers.

The textile prints produced at Hifas da Terra are inspired by the scientific research undertaken in their mycology laboratories.

Mushrooms are beautiful organic structures with a diverse species family. The diversity of mushrooms is observed through their biological shapes and colour intensity. Hifas Style utilises mushrooms not only for their organic beauty, but also in order to stimulate awareness of the natural benefits obtained from them.

Hifas da Terra

The “Charles Darwin” leather portfolio bag.

Science is the new fashion

Hifas da Terra is passionate about communicating the benefits that can be reaped from mushrooms. They are committed to educating consumers, reconnecting them with their natural environment and stimulating their consciousness of nature through a means of fashion. Fashion is in the trees, in the soil, in the surroundings that are enjoyed. Hifas da Terra presents us with a range of Hifas style that not only appeals to the uses of our highly technological city lifestyle, but also echoes the calm fresh environment of a chestnut forest. It is here that Hifas da Terra proclaim: science is the new fashion! As Iria de Ana, Founder of Hifas da Terra says:

We wear our passion. We expose it. We love it.

Hifas da Terra

“Into the Wild” cotton scarf.

Hifas da Terra believes in enjoying natural surroundings and celebrating organic shapes. It is now that you can escape the concrete jungle and allow your personal style to say the same about you.

Courtesy of: Hifas da Terra | Website: www.hifasdaterra.com

Looking for a practical portfolio?

Hifas da Terra
Hifas da Terra is offering this beautiful £126 worth “Charles Darwin Boletus Portfolio” (large enough to fit a 14″ laptop and sleek enough to carry into the night) to someone who leaves a comment below. Try your luck!
The competition runs from 13th to 31st October!

Jazz Brell About the author

An Australian model converted into an aspiring UK entrepreneur inspired by the world of fashion. With a B.A. in Fashion Textiles Design and MSc International Business, she is passionate about the collaboration between both sectors and utilising her skills to benefit the fashion industry.


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    I’m very happy to have featured this article this month. This is not the first time that we look at initiatives that try to bridge the gap between fashion and science. Good luck to all the entries as who better than you, FG readers, to become Ambassadors of Hifas da Terra by mixing and matching this great portfolio with your every day looks!

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