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Editor’s Note

We welcome the New Year in full swing, but we don’t want to pass up the opportunity to use our first newsletter of 2015 to share with you the milestones we have reached in the past 12 months.

We launched a newly optimised website with a great layout and new categories; we welcomed a new team of writers from around the world; we built our in-house team of professional writers and welcomed VIP contributors; we upscaled the content and tone of our articles and forged new partnerships with renowned international organisations. We have also started to offer new services and implement promo codes and discounts in most of our publications as a thank you to our readers.

We are confident that 2015 will be an even better year and we want to start our January issue by giving large doses of detox, beauty and health to the perfect pampering experience and to prepare you for the next 12 months.

We thank you ALL for your great support in 2014 and we invite you to continue to follow us in the New Year as more changes and further closeness to our readers will follow. Stay tuned!


In this month’s issue…

To The Manor Born In The City

To the Manor Born in the City

For a woman the ultimate pampering is a new hair do. We introduce you to a countryside pampering salon nestled within the bosom of a bustling city. Barnett & Figgs is the Downtown Abbey of hair salons.
Coming on 8 January

Ballet Barre: Aerobics with Elegance

It is time to emphasise posture and endurance through elegant and graceful movements. We bring you great tips from Barre Beautiful, Toronto’s Premier Ballet Barre Studio.
Coming on 12 January

Ballet Barre: Aerobics With Elegance
Kick-Start the New Year with Healthy Eating

Kick-Start the New Year with Healthy Eating

As the holiday festivities start to wind down, so should our decadent meals. We have great tips for healthy cooking with flavour, nutrients and vitamins to fuel our bodies for the perfect start of the New Year.
Coming on 15 January

Priti NYC: The Organic Nail Brand

Discover Kim D’Amato’s nail polish brand, Priti NYC. These are great non-toxic, vegan varnishes in a range of eye-popping colours, perfect for women in search of shades from the catwalks!
Coming on 19 January

Priti NYC The Organic Nail Brand
Terre dei Papi Donkey's Milk Cosmetics

Terre dei Papi | Donkey’s Milk Cosmetics

Are you in search of a truly noble experience? We introduce you to Terra dei Papi Line. Luxurious beauty treatments based on the extraordinary power of 100% Italian organic Donkey’s Milk. You have to try them!
Coming on 22 January

Turning Tips into Habits

Erika Lemay opens her secret bible to help you become a better version of yourself, going beyond the usual New Year’s detox and perhaps even getting this jaw dropping lean body we all dream of.
Coming on 26 January

Turning Tips into Habits
Global Taste at a Local Level

Global Taste at a Local Level

What better way to detox your skin than increasing your intake of natural vitamins found in fabulous fruit! We visit a leading independent fruit store in North London that is setting the tone for a new generation of fruit lovers.
Coming on 29 January

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