Gym Outfits for Women
A compilation of some of the favourite Women’s outfits for working out to keep in mind the next time you plan a gym fit.
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The options for women’s workout gear have exploded over the years, with many new names entering the space. As the market has expanded, more choices mean you no longer have to choose between form and function. You can have workout clothes that stand up to the rigors of exercise without sacrificing good styling. 

If you are not sure where to start with your workout outfit, below are some examples of essential gym outfits for women that will surely make you want to go work up a sweat the next time you plan a gym fit.

Sports Bras 

No matter the size of your chest, never underestimate the importance of good support when considering bra choices. Make the wrong choice, and you’re likely to have to deal with poking wires or hot spots instead of focusing on your yoga poses. There are various options for protecting and supporting your pecs, with popular brands such as Gymshark, Under Armor, and Athleta to just name a few.

But which type of bra is right for you? While this will primarily come down to personal comfort, there are a few tips when looking for a sports bra. The best bras for working out will be made of durable materials, minimize movement, be easy to change into, and should be very supportive during activity. Also, look out for features that you like, such as a pull-over style bra or one that utilizes compression technology. Good Housekeeping has a handy review roundup of sports bras

Gym Outfits for Women


For many, nothing will beat the classic styling of a tracksuit. From the formal, classic jogger-style to the more modern hip-hugging variety, tracksuits offer various variety and styling options. Tracksuits are also the height of athleisure wear, suitable for running errands around town as they are for working up a sweat on an elliptical. 

Gym Outfits for Women

The Yoga Wear

Your yoga outfit doesn’t have to be resigned solely to the yoga studio. After all, who doesn’t want to tap into their inner yogi at the gym? If you’re already wearing yoga pants around the house, this creates the perfect transition from home to the gym. Another thing to remember is that a simple wrap can help make this outfit one you can wear when running errands or brunching.

Skirts and Skorts

There is a wealth of options for athletic skirts – from the classic tennis skirt to more recent inventions such as the skort. Many women love skirts for the freedom of movement and stylish look they provide while working up a sweat. The skirt is a fashion staple that looks just as good at Wimbledon as walking down the street. 

One of the newer varieties of skirts is athletic skorts, which are like shorts with front and back panels that give them the appearance of being a skirt. However, the pair of shorts underneath are hidden so that skorts resemble any regular skirt. It makes skorts perfect for even the most rigorous of activities, such as tennis, as they allow for added freedom of movement without worry, thanks to the integral shorts.

Gym Outfits for Women

Workout Bodysuits

Think that a workout bodysuit is only for Olympic athletes and bodybuilders? Think again; bodysuits can be worn by just anyone and can be a comfortable option for those that want to look cool at the gym. Take a look at this roundup Cosmopolitan did of some of the 18 best workout bodysuits options.

Bodysuits are typically skintight and can be worn like a dancer’s leotard. They are easy to change in and out of and can come in various styles, such as full-length or mid-thigh options and bikini or turtleneck features.

Gym Outfits for Women


There are many good options when it comes to Women’s gym wear. From bodysuits and skorts, to yoga pants and track wear, there is certainly something that suits your style. The most important thing to remember is to pick an outfit that you feel comfortable in and that will make you excited actually to use them. After all, if you want to wear your cute new gym ensemble, you’ll be much more likely to hit up the gym while you do.

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