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Gothic Fashion: Transition Your Wardrobe to Goth

Besides music, clothing is undoubtedly the most important way of expression in goth culture. This clothing style is androgynous and characterized by clothes in black colors, long velvet coats and lace garments, heavy boots, and close-fitting attires.

What is trendy in gothic fashion changes over time, but what always prevail is the dark colors. When the goth style first emerged, the black color ruled, but over time, other colors such as purple, red and blue have found a place among the goths’ clothes.

The gothic fashion style is unique, and to get a wardrobe filled with singular clothes, goth enthusiasts prefer to sew their clothes. Luckely, today there are many stores, national and international, that sell goth-inspired clothing.

If you find yourself intrigued by this clothing style and want to give it a try, below are some ideas you can explore to change your wardrobe to goth.

1- Goth Skirt

When selecting a goth skirt, there is a wide choice of different models you may want to adopt. However, for the skirt to be labeled as goth and complete your goth outfit, there are some guidelines to follow.

Skirts that fit into the goth culture are snug, often black, and created in more romantic materials such as lace. In addition to the romantic lace, there are skirts in materials such as leather, velvet, jeans, and polyester. Goth skirts also come in other dark colors like purple, blue, and red, or in gunpowder patterns taken from punk culture.

Sometimes the skirts have details in the form of chains, rivet belts, or small accompanying bags for a perfect look. Braces, laces, and small hanging elements also serve as details. The first thing to think about when looking for a skirt that suits you and your gothic style is the fit.

Finding a skirt that fits your body is a must if you want to feel both stylish and comfortable.

Gothic Fashion
gothic fashion

2- Gothic Tights and Leggings

Tights and leggings are an essential part of a perfect gothic. As there are many types of tights and leggings with a wide variety of models, colors, materials, and details to choose from. To be classified as goth, there are some significant attributes to consider. Among these, the tights and leggings must be black, alternatively in other dark colors such as dark gray, blue or

Gothic tights and leggings can also carry different details, ranging from prints representing skulls, crosses and angel wings to rivets, zippers, leather details, laces, safety pins, and straps.

Tights and leggings are garments that are suitable for all different occasions. By wearing your leggings or tights with a romantic dress, blouse, or short skirt, your outfit can be worn for everyday life at work or for festive evenings. Top it with a pair of stylish gothic shoes and a well-fitting coat and you are ready no matter what the day has to offer.

gothic fashion

3- Casual Gothic T-shirt

A casual graphic t-shirt is a simple way to incorporate it into your gothic style. You can wear a tee with gothic symbols like skulls which have been strongly associated with the gothic culture. It’s a laid-back style that you can combine with your everyday outfit and show off dark and spooky elements. To complete your outfit, you can go for a pair of jeans topped off with black boots.

gothic fashion

4- Gothic Footwear

Gothic footwear come in a wide range of models. You can wear everything from heavy boots to lighter sneakers such as creepers which are chunky shoes with thick crepe soles and suede uppers.

Gothic shoes should preferably be black and the most common materials are leather, suede, and ordinary fabric. To make the gothic influence more visible, they are often adorned with typical goth details such as rivets, buckles, zippers, and different types of laces.

Some shoes also come with steel caps but this mainly applies to heavy-duty or regular boots. They are perfect to wear every day with a pair of stylish black jeans and a hoodie. In the evening, you can instantly transform your look into a festive outfit when you replace the hoodie with a shirt and jacket.

gothic fashion

Final Thoughts

There is a certain sense of excitement when you embrace goth fashion. Explore the goth fashion by wearing a flouncy laced skirt with a skull print graphic tee and some statement jewelry. With a little creativity, you can quickly become a stylish goth and stand out in a crowd.

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