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gandys flip flops

Rob and Paul Forkan with children in Sri Lanka, Christmas 2014. Image supplied by Gandys PR Office.

NORWICH, United Kingdom — Have you ever heard of Gandys Flip Flops? Well to be honest, I had not until just this week; it is as if a whole new world has opened up in front me! I am a serious flip-flop wearer, although it cannot be just any flip-flops. I am very particular and always loyal to the same brand year after year; even purchasing in bulk as I live in flip-flops for the duration of the Spring and Summer. However, Gandys Flip-Flops have now broken the mould that I thought no flip-flop manufacturer could break. On top of this, the Gandys brand resonates morally with my beliefs; as from each pair of flip-flops sold, money goes towards helping orphans and creating a safe environment for them to thrive in this constantly changing world.

gandys flip flops

Tsunami Kids: Our Journey from Survival to Success. Image supplied by Gandys PR Office.

Who Do We Thank For This Enterprise?

We thank brothers Rob and Paul Forkan, orphans themselves due to the loss of both their parents in the Sri Lankan Tsunami on Boxing Day 2004. It is the strong beliefs and worldliness of caring and understanding of others, instilled in them by their parents that had led them to turn the ultimate worst-case scenario into not just a thriving business but a major fund raising engine. Thus, Gandys was created purely to give back that hope and certainty to orphans in India and Sri Lanka and to allow their parent’s will and abundance of charity to live on and grow long after their unfortunate deaths.

Brothers Rob and Paul founded Gandys simply to give back something in the form of the generosity they received during the Tsunami and thus, they created the charitable foundation Orphans for Orphans, which is coordinated by The Gandys Foundation, set up in the Summer of 2013. The brothers never forget how their parents’ diversity and lifestyle choice in bringing up their children have created the caring and considerate people they are today.

Brothers & Prince Harry - brothers being recognised by the Queen for the Young Leaders Award.

Rob and Paul with Prince Harry. The brothers are being recognised by the Queen for the Young Leaders Award.

As Paul shares his thoughts:

We never regret, we have definitely got our determination and drive to succeed in life from our parents which was instilled in us from an early age, this has only helped us to achieve in life and aim higher.

Paul continues: “Our followers are what makes Gandys work and go round, it is incredible to see the support we have received from a whole range of people and it is with this support that we were able to follow our visions to open our first Gandys Kids Campus and hopefully we can continue this around the Globe.”

Rob shares the emotion that drives them both on with their crusade:

It is emotional to think it has been 10 years since the Tsunami, we set up Gandys to create something positive from that negative situation. I would not say we have succeeded yet, we have a long way to go. Maybe because of what we have seen in life we never take anything for granted.

The Gandys Flip-Flop

Firstly: it is made from pure rubber. Secondly: it is fashionable. Thirdly: it is comfortable. Fourthly: it is creating a life that only an orphan who knows an orphan can imagine and understand. Fifthly: it is Karma – not only do people look good in Gandys Flip-Flops but you feel good from the heart.

gandys flip flops

Tropical Flower Black Strap Gandys – showing that charity can be fashionable.

Where The Money Goes – The Karma

Orphans for Orphans, Gandys first Kids Campus has already opened in Sri Lanka, bringing hope and security to many children.

The Foundation has already assisted with providing a teacher and school supplies for 100 children in Goa. Whilst at the same time, the brothers support EMERGE, an organisation in Colombo purely for young girls, teaching them business studies and life skills.

The brothers personally ensure that the Gandys Foundation and Orphans For Orphans running costs are kept in line so that 10% of all profits go directly to the Gandys Foundation to help these kids, rather than being sucked up with administration costs.

Through perseverance, determination and the will to just give back, this incredible duo have created both a fashion brand and a life-line for many orphans whom without Rob and Paul there would perhaps be no hope.

I for one will be purchasing my pair of Gandys with a warm heart knowing that my 10% will be going directly to warm the hearts of those orphans in Sri Lanka and India. It may take an Orphan to understand an Orphan, but we can all help.

Rob and Paul are offering to our readers a discount of 20% on all Gandys flip flops. Use promo code: thefashionglobe valid until the end of February. [Gandys Flip Flops guarantees 10% will always go to the Gandys Foundation]. 

Courtesy of: Rob and Paul Forkan | Website: www.gandysflipflops.com
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