Many of us have made New Year’s Resolutions, but how many of us will keep them? We suggest various options for gourmet health food shipped to your door and put you on track to your healthy diet resolution.
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NEW HAVEN, United States — Many of us have made New Year’s Resolutions, but how many of us will keep them? If you are one of the numerous people who plans to improve their health this year, you might be asking yourself how this can be done without spending more time and money than you can afford to commit?

Enjoy fish options with the coriander crusted salmon.

Healthy Heat And Eat Is The New Trend

Eating a healthy diet is hard work involving shopping frequently, sometimes daily, and painstakingly preparing these fresh meals. Natural, organic meals take time and energy that working people often lack. From this need sprang a unique new sort of business, Freshology. CEO Michel Algazi says: “Food delivery to the home or workplace is exploding in popularity, as consumers, who are leading busier lifestyles than ever, are looking for convenient solutions to address their daily nutrition needs and those of their families. Interestingly, there are a number of additional trends that are having an impact on the way the industry is evolving. Among them, the desire for healthier food choices, the importance of transparency in sourcing, and importantly, the yearning for creativity and innovation in flavours, colours and textures, to match consumers’ greater interest in a rich culinary experience.”

Michel continues: “Another important emerging trend is the convergence of food and technology and how the latter is allowing consumers to make better choices and to personalise their eating experience using desktop, mobile-based devices and soon, even wearable technology.” Many of us work and in families both parents often work. This does not make the need for fresh, wholesome food any less great. Health movements have made it clear that all of us need to start eating better.

The list of companies that has sprung from our workaholic culture is great. Freshology is one of the many companies joining this growing trend. Some companies offer to proportion all the necessary hormone-free, antibiotic-free and organic ingredients and give you the recipes, while others offer “heat and eat” meals. The options can be overwhelming! If you are like me, “heat and eat” meals that are preservative-free, antibiotic-free, hormone-free and organic resemble hitting the lottery. A bonus for me would be nut-free and/or gluten-free offerings as well as vegetarian options. The time spent preparing and cooking nutritious meals for my family takes time out of the precious little I have to spend with them, so every little bit helps.

Freshology offers many diet plans and meal choices.

A Little Bit of Background

Freshology started 2005 as a regional company delivering meals. Even back then, they were a company providing healthy pre-made meals with fresh ingredients to help their customers with their diet goals. Culinary Director, Chef Raffi Asadourian says:

Over the years, Freshology has grown tremendously to now offer customers across the nation a convenient meal delivery programme with rotating seasonal menus I have devised.

The company’s main goal is to provide its customers with easy, nutritious meals that meet both their dietary needs and their lifestyles. Asadourian says they do this “With a team of nutritionists, a chef and customer service members ready to assist customers through their goals whether it be weight loss, creating a plan for healthy living, pre or post natal nutritional needs, or even gluten free (among others)!”

Their website provides simple, user-friendly interface to access all of their meal plans, customer service, tips and nutritional information. Freshology stands behind its name and always delivers fresh food to its patrons. They attempt to provide ingredients that are hormone-free and organic whenever possible, but due to the scale of their business and a national customer base (they ship all throughout the United States) they are not always able to. “At Freshology there are multiple measures we take to ensure that your food is delivered to you as fresh as possible. Without a doubt the most important factor is the quality and the freshness of the raw ingredients that we use.” Asadourian continues:

We are obsessive in our pursuit to get our hands on the freshest and most delicious seasonal products possible. We also pay very close attention to how we handle the product making sure that we minimise the amount of time that the food is exposed outside of the cold chain.

Freshology Has All Natural And Wild Caught Tuna Sushi.

By taking these measures, meals make it to their destinations as intended and as though you would have prepared it for yourself.

Tips For Success

The folks at Freshology say that the keys to the success of the Freshology plan are: nutritional integrity, consistency, convenience, balanced diet, superior food quality and personalised customer care. They would also like us to walk away with a few tips to start off our New Year’s goals right. Their nutritionist’s tell us: “In order to stay on track with a healthy diet, we recommend eating balanced and portioned meals. It is important to eat foods that you love and not to deprive yourself of quality and flavour. The benefit of Freshology is that it provides you with nutrient dense, balanced meals that keep you feeling full longer. Another way to stay on track during the New Year:

  • Listen to your own hunger quest and be mindful while you eat.
  • Eat when you are hungry
  • Stop when you feel full
  • Eat with awareness
  • Never eat in the car or in front of a screen
  • Try and have your meals at the dinner table, chew thoroughly and most importantly, never eat because you are bored.”

With these tips in mind and attainable goals set before you, make plans to achieve your resolution. This is a new year with plenty of fresh options. Eating well does not have to be time consuming. There are many companies that will do all the leg work for you. “Heat and eat” does not have to be your parents’ “TV dinners.” Check out some of the companies featured in this article or search the many additional options available. Do not lose sight of that resolution!

A mouthwatering New York steak meal is just one of the many options.

Try Them Out

Do you want to try Freshology out for yourself? Enter the promo code FGLOBE15 and you will get $50 off on your first two weeks of any plan and a free Fresh Oven to heat your meals.

Courtesy by:Michel Algazi and Chef Raffi Asadourian | Website: Freshology