Flint: The New Award-Winning Lifestyle Tool

SAN FRANCISCO, United States — The Flint is a Red Dot 2015 Design Concept award-winner lint roller – included in Rebecca Minkoff gift bags at this year’s New York Fashion Week. It’s a chic retractable, refillable and compact lint roller completely redesigned to make the ordinary boring old-fashioned lint roller, into one that is more modern, fun and extraordinary! This award-winning Flint roller is the go-to lifestyle tool for quick cleaning. Watch the video on the Flint roller here:

Constructed from highest quality Japanese tape extra sticky to lift lint, dirt, hair and unwanted fibres from even the most delicate fabrics and other surfaces in one easy motion. The core of the lint roller is made from recycled plastic, which is a major plus, since we love products that care for the Earth.

This Flint roller makes cleaning look effortless. The brilliant design has a protected cover and looks fashionable so that you can carry it on-the-go anywhere. It’s the new “It” product for designers, stylists, models and fashionistas who want to keep their clothing looking polished and lint-free throughout the day. As Rosie Huntington explained in Glamour magazine her secret to looking so perfect at the airport:

…I always take one [lint roller] with me, because lint is my pet peeve, and I feel like on a plane you always get it on you. It can just freshen up an outfit.

Launched last year by Daniel Woolman, founder of the design company Think Product Lab, focused on combining science with creativity to design functional home products that are simple, practical and versatile. Innovative solutions engineered to look stylish and elegant for everyday use.

A must-have lifestyle tool compact to fit in your purse for travelling, and convenient to keep in every room throughout your house for cleaning lint, dirt, hair and unwanted fibress from fabric and other surfaces, when time is limited. The roller is so easy to use – with an easy peel of the adhesive, quick turn of the knob to extend roller in couple twists, and a push of the top to retract and close. Flint – the end of lint… It will actually make you want to wear your sweaters again!

Available online at www.meetflint.com or the container store for $6.99 in 6 fun and vibrant colours! Refills $4.99 [package of 2]

Courtesy of: Flint meetflint.com and glamour.com.

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