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May has been an exciting month for the FG Magazine as we are in the midst of welcoming new additions to our team that are now better placed to serve our readership. We would like to extend our sincere thanks to our writers and readers for their passion, patience and contributions over the past couple of months; we have had an amazing show of support. Although the community is spread around the globe, we have really felt how everyone has pulled together to make the Magazine better and we are excited to see what the coming months have in store.

This month in the FG magazine we celebrate diversity and gave the FG team free reign to cover the most interesting stories they had come across. The result is another fantastic collection of fascinating articles from the worlds of art, fashion, science, theatre and fine dining from all four corners of the globe.


In this month’s issue…

Wedding Dresses

Wedding Dresses – The Exhibition

We walk through the rooms of another great V&A exhibition: Wedding Dresses 1775-2014 and talk to curator E. Ehrman who not only explains the rationale behind this great exhibition but she also makes us part of it.

Business of Luxury: A Philanthropic Power?

What is luxury today? This great insight article tries to clarify the main foundations of luxury ranging from concepts, brand equity and eco-luxury to a current wave of luxury brands as the new philanthropists.

A Philanthropic Power?
No Matter The Wreckage

Book Review: No Matter The Wreckage

After a long awaited compilation of 10 years, Sarah Kay finally publishes her collection of poems which can only be described as brutally raw, naked, and hopeful. A fine collection that will make you wish there was a volume 2.

Food As You Have Never Seen It

The restaurant world has never been camera shy; in fact it tends to revel in the limelight. This time, we look at extreme food photography through the lens of Ryan Matthew Smith. A must read for photography and food lovers.

Food As You Have Never Seen It
Russian entrepreneur

Russian entrepreneur and Made in Italy

We talk to SvetlanaTaccori, the mastermind behind “Tak.Ori Made in Italy”, the cosiest, softest and most colourful emerging brand of hats, complemented by scarves, hand muffs and sweaters. Don’t miss it!

Sunny Afternoon – The Play

This review is all about theatre, music and the 1960s. We bring you the sold out show: Sunny Afternoon, the number one hit that rocked the world in the 60s. A play that explores the rise to stardom of the legendary “The Kinks”.

Sunny Afternoon
An Eclectic Gallery

An Eclectic Gallery

During a visit to Brussels, we explore a beautiful gallery devoted to emerging multicultural female artists. Arielle d’Hauterives walks us through her gallery and tells us the do’s and don’ts as well as the challenges of this industry.

Descience – Behind the Scenes

This time around, we bring you Descience from behind the scenes. Its Science and Fashion Directors tell us about their collaboration and how it has helped them to design a highly flexible process for the Descience teams.

Descience – Behind the Scenes
Your Goal? To pamper yourself!

Your Goal? To pamper yourself!

We introduce you to the most beautiful and welcoming Spas in Italia, to live a unique and unforgettable experience, to relax and enjoy the treatments for your body and spirit while balancing your physical and mental wellbeing.

ModaCine Fashion Film Festival

We interview ModaCine Fashion Film Festival Director and Curator, Warren Difranco who fused fashion and film together to create an outlet for aspiring local and international fashion and film talents to be recognised. A must read!

ModaCine Fashion Film Festival

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