Top 10 fashionable characters from movies

Fashionable Characters from Movies – Zoolander

LONDON, United Kingdom — People in the fashion world have often turned to Hollywood for ideas and inspiration, thanks to the many stylish characters it has brought us over the years. We all have our favourite movies and favourite characters that in one way or another might reflect who we are or who we would love to be. So, we invite you to get and see if you agree with our ten most stylish characters from films in the past three decades.

Fashionable Characters from Movies – Carrie Bradshaw Paris Stripes

Carrie Bradshaw

Where else could we start than with the lead character from Sex and the City? This New York journalist spends her life in Manolo Blahnik shoes and Prada dresses, matching the fairytale feel of the film itself.

James Bond

Bond is another character who looks totally immaculate in every situation, with Pierce Brosnan’s Bond in GoldenEye (1995) sporting clean, elegantly cut Italian suits throughout much of the film. Bond’s style should be classy but low-key, befitting a spy, and this achieves that. Bond can look great whether he is playing casino games in Montenegro or simply enjoying the casino at on his phone.


This character from the 1989 film Do the Right Thing sported an altogether different style – the cutting edge look of the streets in New York in the late 1980s. This meant designer sportswear in oversized form, and is inevitably a little dated, but was perfect for the hip character.

Patrick Bateman

Bateman is a murderous yuppie, but his perfectly tailored pale pinstripe business suit was a great look in American Psycho (1999) – even if his behaviour was detestable. You wouldn’t want to be him, but you might well want to look like him.

Fashionable Characters from Movies – Andy Sacks

Andy Sachs

Having initially not been fashion conscious, this Anne Hathaway character in The Devil Wears Prada (2006) was made-over after being hired as the assistant to a fashion titan. She subsequently sported a vaguely 1960s white belted coat, cap and knee boots outfit that looked amazing.

Jules Winnfield

Dressed in a classic black suit and white shirt, the ruthless hitman played by Samuel L Jackson in 1994’s Pulp Fiction combined this with an afro – giving it a retro spin. Again, the character was questionable but the look definitely wasn’t.


Ryan Gosling’s character Jacob in Crazy Stupid Love (2011) is a womaniser and uses clothes – like his made-to-measure suits, cashmere casual wear and shades – to help him attract women, so he has to look perfect at all times.

Elle Woods

The character portrayed by Reese Witherspoon in 2003’s Legally Blonde is dizzy but not dopey, and her blindingly pink wardrobe is central to her personality. It’s an oddly stylish, if extreme look.

Axel Foley

The casual college jacket and jeans worn by this Eddie Murphy character in the 1984 comedy Beverly Hills Cop ideally suited his laidback, wisecracking character and became a popular male look to this day.


Ben Stiller’s vain male model character in Zoolander (2001) opted for some eyebrow-raising outfits – notably a leopardskin number with matching accessories. It will be fascinating to see what he wears in this year’s sequel. It’s time to pay tribute to Zoolander by discovering your inner fashion fan.

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