Andrea Stajan Ferkul Fashion and Art Collusion

Andrea Stajan-Ferkul: Fashion and Art Collusion

Can Art turn into Beauty and Beauty into Art? As Andrea Stajan Ferkul states: “Exploring the essential beauty of women is not to focus solely on the aesthetic. Beauty is a reflection of one’s inner self – it’s not seen but radiated from within.”

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The Inspiring Life of Coco Chanel

Test your knowledge! How much do you really know about the life of one of the most iconic figures and designers from the 20th century? Check out this infographic which walks you through Coco Chanel’s most remarkable achievements.

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Dream Nation

Dare to Dream

Emerging designers are demonstrating the value of eco-fashion to the wider industry. We discover the latest collection, ‘Ghost’ from Luiza Jacob the founder of eco-couture urbanwear house Dream Nation.

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Eco Luxury Fashion - Gucci for the green carpet challenge handbag collection

Eco-consciousness in Luxury Fashion

Eco-conscious alternatives when considering fashion choices seems to be the latest trend. But, are people really emotionally invested in sustainable options or are we just looking for the best deal financially?

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Filobio: nature inside

We introduce you to Filobio, a snuggly baby brand that uses natural fibres such as merino, cashmere wools and 100% organic cotton. Because the soft skin of our little ones matter!

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