fashion as social energy

Using the Power of Fashion as Social Energy

Thinking of fashion as a driver of our relations? We walk you on an intimate journey through values beyond apparel and ornament, desire and social distinction. Fashion as Social Energy!

Fashion writer

Want To Become A Great Fashion Writer?

The influence of a fashion writer is undisputed. To be a great fashion writer you need to be interested in the ‘why’ rather than the ‘what’. Never knowing when the change is going to come, we need to lead with a unique voice and vision, a sharp eye and a desire to learn everyday and teach the world our findings.


Descience – Think Outside The Box

Closely following the milestones of one of the most promising projects and runaway events in the Boston area, Descience continues to enlighten us on its efforts to bridge the gap between science and fashion sparking the attention of future scientist in the talented ‘Generation Z’.

Emerald Gemstone Rings: A Guide to Their History, Meaning and Styles

This article provides a comprehensive guide to emerald gemstone rings, covering their history, symbolic meanings, styles, care and buying tips. It explores the fascinating history of emeralds and their cultural significance, and offers practical advice on caring for and buying emerald rings responsibly.