Meg Grant: Wearable Technology

Technology is the link between the endless horizon of our imagination and the resources available to us. Fashion designer and maker Meg Grant demonstrates that such powerful connections can become wearable.

What is the role of a Creative Director at a Photo Shoot?

Have you ever asked yourself what lies behind all those glamorous images that cover the fashion magazines page after page transporting the reader to a specific time and situation, a captured moment where elegance, sophistication, creativity, a sense of art and a mélange of styles and colours distinguish one image from the next?


Descience – Think Outside The Box

Closely following the milestones of one of the most promising projects and runaway events in the Boston area, Descience continues to enlighten us on its efforts to bridge the gap between science and fashion sparking the attention of future scientist in the talented ‘Generation Z’.

Vintage Haute Couture

The Nostalgia of Vintage Haute Couture

Clair Watson and Claire Shaeffer, experts on vintage haute couture and designer fashion, help us understand why haute couture is so special and takes people back to a period where quality and patience were virtues.

ethical fashion forum

Sustainable Fashion: From Niche to Necessity

Have you questioned the current fashion industry practices and what this means for our future generations? Sustainable fashion and ethical business models are moving from a niche to a necessity.