Valentino Join Clubhouse

Valentino Focuses on Social Media Growth as They Join Clubhouse

Valentino has recently announced that they have joined Clubhouse. It is worth considering this decision in a little more detail. Besides, this new app possesses the exclusivity that luxury fashion aficionados strive for. If you don’t have an invite, you’re not getting in.

weiran fashion designer

Interview of New York Fashion Designer Weiran

The “Speculative Ecosystem” project by Fashion designer Weiran explores the balance/imbalance of biology and technology. Through blending natural products with synthetic materials in a collection of garments and accessories, the project portrays a future ecosystem where the organic and the artificial coexist in an equal, mutually dependent order.

upcycling design initiative

Upcycling: A Fashionable Way to Tackle Climate Change

Hands up for the historic agreement reached at the Climate Conference in Paris where recycling is finally on the agenda. In light of this, the upcycling design initiative “auferstanden” is paving the way to contribute to achieving the climate targets in a fashionable way.

Natalia Vodianova wears green crystal dress in Stella McCartney summer 2022 campaign. Photo: Mert & Marcus

Stella McCartney: Designing Elegance, Delivering Sustainability

The global fashion industry faces a critical issue of harmonising style and sustainability. As a pioneer, Stella McCartney’s brand stands out by integrating ecological responsibility into every aspect of its operations, from design to delivery. The brand, instead of retrofitting sustainability, has made it a foundational element.