Sri Lanka: Model of Sustainability in Fashion?

From minimalistic designs made out of discarded fish leather to beautiful crochet-made pieces of apparel industry waste. Sri Lanka’s example reminds us of the great impact that sustainable fashion can have when handled with passion, creativity, vision and awareness.

Valentino Join Clubhouse

Valentino Focuses on Social Media Growth as They Join Clubhouse

Valentino has recently announced that they have joined Clubhouse. It is worth considering this decision in a little more detail. Besides, this new app possesses the exclusivity that luxury fashion aficionados strive for. If you don’t have an invite, you’re not getting in.


Descience – Think Outside The Box

Closely following the milestones of one of the most promising projects and runaway events in the Boston area, Descience continues to enlighten us on its efforts to bridge the gap between science and fashion sparking the attention of future scientist in the talented ‘Generation Z’.

Mode Marteau: Success Story of a Vintage Reseller

We talk to Ariana Boussard-Reifel, an expert at spotting well-made clothing driven by her hobby of thrifting and flipping who built a proper business reselling clothing, the unique style website: Mode Marteau.

The Perfect Bespoke Shirt

When it comes to ‘well-dressed gentlemen’, there is no better address than Jermyn Street. We take a closer look to Hilditch & Key and Emma Willis which demonstrate that the quest for the perfect shirt is timeless!