Descience: In the making!

In the next stage of our Descience adventure, we follow the creation process of three teams as they start to bring their designs to life – one of the most important and exciting stages of the competition.

The Responsible Fashion Company

The Responsible Fashion Company

In the phase of a growing critical and participatory consumption characterised by a strong new opposition between ‘to be’ and ‘to use’, we embark on a journey between fashion and corporate responsibility in the global fashion industry.

Sandra Weil Couture

Sandra Weil Couture

We all know it’s irresistible to run your fingers through a clothes rack as you browse your favourite store. Sandra Weil tells us about her use of texture combined with colour and print to capture your imagination.

Fashion writer

Want To Become A Great Fashion Writer?

The influence of a fashion writer is undisputed. To be a great fashion writer you need to be interested in the ‘why’ rather than the ‘what’. Never knowing when the change is going to come, we need to lead with a unique voice and vision, a sharp eye and a desire to learn everyday and teach the world our findings.

fashion as social energy

Using the Power of Fashion as Social Energy

Thinking of fashion as a driver of our relations? We walk you on an intimate journey through values beyond apparel and ornament, desire and social distinction. Fashion as Social Energy!